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Organize a Homecoming Flash Dance!

Posted by Stumps Spirit on August 1, 2012

With school starting up again, many students are starting to look towards homecoming week.  Every school tries to find something unique to do to show their school spirit.  Set yourselves apart from the rest and organize a flash dance to celebrate your homecoming week!

Step One: Decide the preliminary details—where, when, and whom?  If you want it to happen, say, at your local mall, you’ll want to plan for a busy day (Friday or Saturday would be best) and get as many students involved as possible.  If you want your flash dance to happen at your school during your homecoming week, you have a few more decisions to make: when do you want the flash dance to happen, during lunch or between classes?  Do you want it to happen during the big game?  Which students and how many students do you want to involve?  Do you want to include members of each class, or have the seniors plan a flash dance that the rest of the school won’t know about?

Step Two:  Make up a dance.  Talk to you cheer team or your dance team about helping with the choreography of the dance.  Once the team has the choreography figured out (don’t make the moves too complicated), have someone record a video of your team not only performing the dance, but also have the team leader teach the dance, slowly, on camera.  Then, post the video on YouTube so the other dancers can learn the moves and practice a few times before the flash dance.

Step Three:  Create an event.  Most (if not all) of your fellow students are on Facebook, so use the social networking site to gather all your dancers and organize the location and the time.  You can also link to the YouTube video!

Step Four:  Locate and purchase props.  Your dancers won’t be able to tell who is going to participate or dance unless you all wear a significant prop.  Try sunglasses or feather boas.  This way, it’s silly but it’s not necessarily something that is out of the ordinary to see in a group.  Try looking at various items that add to your school spirit.  You could also look into something like a temporary tattoo that could help identify the members of your flash mob.

When you plan a flash dance, the most important thing to remember is secrecy.  If everyone finds out, it’s not going to be a surprise or earn your school any attention.  You also want to make sure that all your participants know not only the time and place of the dance, but they also must know the dance moves and must be wearing their props.  If you have to, organize a meeting a day or two prior to the event and make sure all your participants are ready to go.  Work until you’re confident that your flash dance will be an awesome display of your school spirit.  Remember, it’s all for your school and it’s meant to be fun!

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