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Fill Swag Bags with School Spirit

Posted by Stumps Spirit on August 14, 2012

The end of summer and the beginning of August means one thing: school’s starting again.  High school students do not typically want to return to school, they want never-ending summers and no homework.  What better way to prepare for the return of your high school students than to put together some fun, spirited swag bags?  You can make a different type of swag bag for each class!

Freshman Swag Bags

Pick a different color bag for each class.  For example, look for green tote bags for your freshman students, but fill it with silver shred.  You could then look for a few favors to start their year off right.  Make personalized mint tins that say “Freshmen, Class of 2016” with your school name on them.  Look for a water bottle in your school color and print “Class of 2016” on it, also.  This way, your students will be able to stay hydrated through the day without waiting in long lines for the water fountains.

Sophomore Swag Bags                        

Put together blue swag bags for your sophomore class, but stick with the silver shred for stuffing the bags.  This time, make mint tins that say “Sophomores, Class of 2015” and a water bottle that says “Class of 2015.”  For your sophomores, too, you could add personalized keychains, because this is the year that many students will start driving.  They’ll feel special because you thought of their new challenge and will probably use the keychain you gave them to put their new car keys on!

Junior Swag Bags

Throw together a fun red swag bag for your juniors.  Still use the silver shred so your spirited swag bags have a somewhat uniform appearance.  As with the other years, throw in the mint tins (this time with “Class of 2014” printed on them) and water bottles.  Now you’re presented with a problem: what do you do for the juniors that will be as meaningful and fun as the key chains for the sophomores?  You could find longer lanyards in your school color and personalize them with “Class of 2014,” because this is probably the year that the students will have finally saved enough for their own car.

Senior Swag Bags

This is the class that you can choose a patterned bag or a fun silver bag and fill it with a different-colored shred.  As always, provide mint tins and water bottle for your students, but what can you add to show your seniors that they are still special?  Try a picture frame or a photo album (depending on how big or small your senior class is)!

Welcoming your students back for another year of school will be much easier if you have swag bags to give them.  Students will respond positively to a small present at the start of the year and it will likely put them in a more optimistic mood about the year ahead of them.  Start your school year off right with spirited swag bags for your classes!

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