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Best Looking Homecoming Parade Floats

Posted by Stumps Spirit on August 21, 2012

Does your high school have a parade during homecoming week?  Whether yes or no, why not put together a fun, friendly competition with the other high schools in your area?  Gather together and recruit a parent to drive the vehicle that will pull the parade float.  Then gather a group of students—a few representatives from each class, so all the students have a hand in decorating.  Find a trailer sturdy enough to hold your float and four students—one member of each class.  When you begin decorating, you must ask yourself a few questions: what do the memorable parade floats use as decorations?  What do the best-looking parade floats rely on?

Spirited Float Decorations

A good base for decorating your parade float is to obtain a book on how to build a parade float.  You’ll want to start with a decorating kit.  This will take care of your basic decorating needs for the trailer part of the float.  You’ll either want grass mats or scatter grass for the floor of your float.  Then, hang metallic fringe in your school colors around the bottom of your float.  Add bunches of balloons to the corners of your float—opposite colors in opposite corners.  Then, make a few sign using colored paper to decorate and Styrofoam letters and stars to get your message across.

Spirited Float Team

It’s also important to “decorate” your float team.  You can make t-shirts for them to wear, but you can also stock up on boas and temporary tattoos for your team members to wear.  Look for wigs for your spirited team members to wear, too. The more school spirit your students show, the better!  Also, what spirit float would be complete without pom-poms? Make sure your float members carry their pom-poms and noisemakers and let their spirit ring loudly during your homecoming parade!

The most important part of the equation that makes up a good parade float is the spirit that your float team portrays.  Without spirit in a homecoming parade, the parade won’t be as much fun for the students or the audience.  Get your students in the homecoming spirit by involving them as much as possible in the parade planning and float building process.


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