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5 Contest Ideas for Choosing Your Next School Mascot

Posted by Stumps Spirit on August 28, 2012

What do you do when your mascot graduates?  You have to choose someone new to wear the suit and go to all the games as your mascot, but how do you go about choosing?  Do you let the former mascot name a successor, or does the principal select the next one? You could use either of those options, or you could create a few fun contests and make a competition to find a new mascot.

When planning for the contests, you have to be creative.  Make them challenging and potentially embarrassing.  If you make the contests easy, many more students will get involved.  Making them slightly embarrassing is a way to whittle down the competition—even so, you’ll probably still have a lot of students.  Now, do you want to do one big contest or would you rather put together, say, three smaller contests?  This could depend on the amount of students who want to try out for the new mascot, but it’s a good way of eliminating a few contestants at a time.  Here a few fun ideas to weed the mascot competition down to a final few:

  1. Talent Contest:  Have those who want to compete for the role of mascot sign up for a space in the talent show; they can sing, dance, tell jokes, perform magic tricks, or perform impressions.  Your panel of judges will be made up of a couple teachers and a couple parents, who then vote on the round of students who will remain in the competition.
  2. Fundraiser Contest:  Split your remaining contestants into groups of 5 to 7 (don’t let them choose their teammates) and have each group choose a school department (drama, choir, band, etc.) and create a fundraiser.  By selecting the groups for the students, you’ll be challenging them to see who will work well with others, as cooperation is a big part of any team.  The top two teams will be the winners and have a chance to move on.
  3. Costume Contest:  Because the mascot is always in a costume, challenge your mascot hopefuls to create a costume and wear it to school all day!  The costumes can be school-related or not, but they must be actual costumes!  Don’t allow the students to wear jeans, boots, and a leather jacket and claim they’re a “greaser.”  Those costumes should mean disqualification.
  4. Field Day Contest:  Have your hopefuls participate in a fitness contest of sorts.  Set up a game of HORSE, followed by tossing horseshoes, a push-up contest, and one or two other field-day-related games.  This is where the competition heats up, because you’ll only be choosing five to continue on.
  5. Spirit Contest:  Challenge your hopefuls to deck themselves out in school spirit gear!  They can decorate their cars, their lockers, their clothing, or themselves (temporary tattoos are a great way to show spirit), but they must be the most spirited student in order to win.

Encourage your students to show their school spirit during the mascot competition.  After all, being a school mascot is all about school spirit—something students always have!

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