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Invite the Team to a Film Reel Party

Posted by Stumps Spirit on September 18, 2012

After the big game, the team deserves a celebration. Invite them to something that’ll be the closer to a hard fought win: watching film from some of the best moments of the game! The team can relax, laugh, and have fun together at your film reel party.

Lights Out

Once the film is done, what is there left to do? Keep the lights off and have a glow party. Give out some glow paint and let the team paint some creative pictures or simply an inspiring message on a poster as a memoir to the big night. Throw in some glow necklaces, too, to illuminate the room. Play some upbeat music such as Sandstorm to get the party jumping.

To the Yard

If space is limited in closed doors, the backyard is a great place to throw a party. Everything that you need for your party can fit in one locale. Setting up the film is as easy as hanging a screen on the wall for a projector. After the film, plan some activities for the team:

What’s a backyard party without backyard sports? Ultimate frisbee is a simple sport yet is always a good choice for a team that just wants to have a friendly game. Volleyball is another sport that is easy to set up and fun at parties. Want to think outside of the box? Try this backyard sport:

Music is essential for any party. But for a team oriented outdoor party, some pump up music is a great idea, especially after a big game. Some recognizable songs that fit in this category include “We are the Champions” by Queen and “Don’t Stop Believin'” by Journey.

Athletes are always hungry. Between games, let the team munch on some good food. Burgers and hot dogs have been the classic backyard grilling choices. However, if you want to spice things up, try this recipe:

Celebrate the big win or close the season with a bang with a film reel party. Ready, set, party!


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