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Crowd Pleasing Concession Food and Spirit Gear

Posted by Stumps Spirit on October 26, 2012

Everyone knows fans like a little something to satisfy that rumble in their tum when they’re out giving their favorite team a whole lot of enthusiastic spirit. And you know that hosting a concession stand can help fluff up your pockets with a few extra-much needed fundraising dollars for your school’s student organization. So here are a few ways to PEP up your concession stand and please the crowd with these delicious tummy-loving and spirit-rumbling favorites.

Getting’ Diggy With It

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The volleyball players won’t be the only ones going for the digs; fans will too. Stock your next concession stand with piping hot diggity dogs and you’ll be sure to spike a hit with your fans. What’s great about hot dogs, too, is- they’re simple! In just a couple of flame-broiled minutes you’ll have a crowd-pleasing favorite. They are a perfect addition to heat up early and have on hand slowly warming in a crock pot or roaster until your fans score a dog. And if you don’t have grill access, they’re just as easy to boil on a stove. Hand them their dog and let them do the garnishing. You’ll have an instant fan favorite.


Go Ahead – Get Sloppy, Joe!

While your fans are out watching their team dunk the ball, let them get a little sloppy with this versatile menu item. What’s great about Sloppy Joes is you can mix it up and make your menu a winner with Sloppy Joes on a bun, or let the fans get a little wild and add it to their hot dog. Even better, have nachos on your menu and you’ll have an instant nachos with meat and cheese. The team won’t be the only ones running the fast break. The fans will fast break to your concession stand, too.


Popcorn, here – Get your Popcorn!

Nothing screams great American pastime better than a good baseball game and a bag of popcorn. But don’t stop there, for those fans that just want to sneak a snack, have a few simple snack items available and you’ll be sure to hit a homerun. Candy bars, popcorn, and chips are quick and simple snacks that the crowd won’t be able to resist.


Give Your Fans the Fizz!

Anyone who craves the candy will tell you there is nothing the like satisfying compliment of chocolate and soda. That’s right, that smooth, milky-rich sensation melting in your mouth of tingling fizz is just the right way to satisfy your spirit-fervor fans. And for those wanting a little variety in their thirst-quenching selection, have bottled water and Gatorade or Powerade available, too. You’ll be sure to run laps around the competition.

Clap Your Thunder Sticks!

Kid and adult enthusiasts alike all get into the spirit of the events with noise-making spirit sticks. The crowd can clack the sticks and rev up the crowd or clap the sticks to the beat of the drummer and add a little unconventional pep to the band. And what’s great about spirit striking sticks is they are small and easily able to be stocked in even the smallest of concession spaces. So make sure to have some spirit sticks on hand and light up the gym with some thunder!

Moooooove Over Opponents!

Moooooooove over opponents, we can’t be defeated. And your fans can remind their opponents with a crowd of noise-making, cow-shaking, bells. And for a little added spirit, personalize your school spirit cow bells with your school logo and ring in the touchdowns at your school’s next football game. You’ll have a whole percussion line in the fan stands and they’ll surely have an utterly good time.

Give Your Fans a Hand!

Not that kind of hand… a Fan Hand! Decorate your stands with the high-wavering team mascot or # 1 sign with a unique fan spirited item. Everyone loves to wave their signs, so give them something to hold high – a school spirit hand. They’ll be sure to make your next big game a FANtastically good time.

Stock your concession stand with these food and spirit favorites for your next event and you will leave the rumble in the stands and not their tums!


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