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Team Fundraising Ideas That Ooze with Holiday Spirit

Posted by Stumps Spirit on October 30, 2012

Team fundraising doesn’t have to be a chore this time of year if you have the right goods and the holiday spirit. Here are three general venues with ideas for working the holiday fundraising magic with personalized products.

In School
Your school store soon will be full of secret Santas and others looking for cool but affordable gifts, and Christmas Event Favors is the place to bookmark for this. Select mint tins, chocolate lollipops and glitter frames in holiday motifs and a jolly message. Take a look also at items you already carry, for which you may want to order a special holiday version, such as keytags.

In the mornings or at lunchtime, travel mugs can be similarly personalized, cleverly packaged and sold along with hot chocolate mix from Event Favors in a “winter survival kit.”

Plan a bake sale, but a couple weeks before the sale show off 2-3 designs in cookie tins, and take orders to fill them with homemade treats to be picked up on bake sale day. Since there are no minimums on cookie tins, you can order only what you need to fill.

Taking orders can likewise be done for customized candle favors.

During Sports & Outdoor Events
Add a “holiday edition” design to your usual team supplies this time of year, such as stadium mugs and seat cushions, especially if you’ve got special sports events such as holiday invitationals on the calendar.

Broaden your horizons, too. Don’t just sell at your own games, but seek out additional venues for your fundraising items. For example, you might check with your local parks department or district to see if you can make arrangements to sell hot beverages (perhaps served in your special holiday travel mugs) during scheduled winter activities such as skating parties and winter festivals.

At Holiday Shows & Sales
Much of November through mid-December are full of holiday craft shows and fairs, and a good way for a fundraising team to participate is to offer a gift-wrapping service for fair-goers.

Customize favor boxes for small ornaments, and include curling ribbon, tote bags, tissue paper and shred with your wrapping supplies. Think about small ornaments your group might be able to make (such as these awesome angels made of pasta) that you could hang from a tabletop Christmas tree and sell as well.

Help customers identify your group by hanging a personalized Christmas banner across (or behind) the wrapping table, and by wearing your team shirts – and perhaps Santa or elf hats, just for fun.


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