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Glow at Your Next Pep Rally

Posted by Stumps Spirit on January 3, 2013

Glow at Your Next Pep Rally

Don’t just deck yourself out in your school colors, literally GLOW! Take your next pep rally to a higher level by lighting up the entire place with school spirit!

Glow Jewelry

Glow necklaces can be a big hit!

Glow necklaces can be a big hit!


When the gym lights go down, or simply to be a little flashy, have students wear glow necklaces. They come in solid colors or with two colors in one. Glow sticks also work when hung around the neck on something like a lanyard. Glow sticks come in purple, yellow, pink, orange, green and blue. If the color doesn’t matter and you just want to stand out, wear some glow beads.

Paint the Gym in Glow

Glow-in-the-dark Paint can really jazz up posters before the big pep rally. If you can get ahold of some large black lights, that will really make the glow of the paint stand out to everyone in the gym. Use the paint on banners or on paper for a run-through for when your school’s team comes out for the crowd.

Light Up Bam Bams

Everyone loves Bam Bams. They’re fun, loud, and a great way to show your school spirit. How could they possibly get any better? If they glowed, of course! Light Up Bam Bams are the loud noise-making sticks you’ve always loved but with a burst of light!

Shining Stars

Star balloons can light up the place with spirit!

Star balloons can light up the place with spirit!

Perhaps nothing glows brighter than a star! Pack the gym with star balloons for a seriously spirited pep rally. Have a mixture of regular latex balloons and some filled with helium so the place will literally be glowing with stars.

Glowing with Pride

There’s no greater way to show your school pride than by making giant Big Heads of your favorite athletes. At 36 inches high, they will simply glow with spirit at your pep rally! These popular, giant cardboard heads are super popular right now and will leave fans and athletes glowing with pride for their school.

There are many ways to glow at your next pep rally. How will you make the place shine?


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