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Booster Fundraiser Gifts and Spirit Ideas

Posted by Stumps Spirit on July 30, 2013

The school year is fast approaching!  It is time to think about school activities and booster clubs again.  Repeating the same fundraiser year after year can become boring, so here are a few ideas to spice them up.  Spirit items make great rewards for students who participated in a fundraiser, or as rewards for donating.

Booster Fundraising Ideas

Take advantage of the last of the warm weather by holding a car wash.  While this is a common idea you can make it unique by encouraging your supporters to donate more by offering key tag or lanyard as incentives.

Take a page of out PBS’ book and hold a pledge drive.  Offer fan gear as an incentive.  The more a person pledges the better the reward will be.  For small pledges the reward could be a flag to wave at the next game.  For greater contributions offer seat cushions to make sitting on the hard bleachers a bit easier.

Put a new twist on back to school shopping.  Have students collect gently used items from community members to sell at a school wide garage sale.  Add in some fun competition by having the different classes keep track of how much money they earned.  Whichever class earned the most at the end of the sale will then be rewarded with prizes.  Set up a bake sale and concessions table as well for those shoppers who might get a bit hungry while they are there.

If you live in a state the offers a cash reward on recyclable products then you can hold an environmentally minded fundraiser.  Collect recyclable containers like glass or plastic bottles and aluminum cans.  Students can bring these items into school, collect them door-to-door, or have a container for collecting them at the next sporting event.  Once the collection is over simply take all the items to the local recycling facility and see how much you’ve earned.  If you made this drive a competition it would only make sense to reward the winners with a reusable water bottle.

Bingo is fun for all ages and makes for a truly fun fundraiser.  Charge a small amount for each bingo card and offer some fun prizes to the winners, and you will have fun for a good cause.  Also offer raffle tickets so that your supporters can win a great prize if their names are called.

Spirit Ideas for Booster Fundraiser Gifts

If you are promoting your team by selling spirit gear at sports events you can find anything you need in your team’s colors.  Noisemakers are a must have!  From megaphones to inflatable bam bams you can be sure that your team will be able to hear all their fans. When noise isn’t enough make sure to have movement in the stands as well.  No matter the sport, pom poms are always good to wave and support your team.  What would a game be without the classic “We’re number 1” foam spirit mitt?  You can even have students selling these in the stands so that no one has to go without spirit gear.

With these ideas and products there is no need to fear the upcoming school year.  You can make it the most spirited year yet!

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