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Game Night Homecoming Theme Ideas

Posted by Stumps Spirit on September 27, 2012

Don’t let this Homecoming drag on into the night. Keep the guests active and entertained with a game night theme!

Size It Up

Instead of cluttering up the room with tables and chairs to put board games on, why not simply make the guests pawns in the game? Take classic board games and make them life-sized! Checkers, chess, and parcheesi are all classic board games and are easy to set up and learn. For some more complicated games, however, try life-sized monopoly or the game of life (for those guests who want some intellectual aspects to their larger-than-life games). Games like these keep the guests moving and having fun all night long.

Heave Ho!

Host a tug-of-war competition! Set-up is as easy as a rope and some mats. Have your guests face off against each other to claim eternal glory as the strongest team in the school. To have everyone get involved, build a tournament bracket of all the guests. This makes winning even more glorious!

Relay Some Fun

An event that has been repeated for years is the relay race. Relay races encourage cooperation and teamwork without sacrificing fun and entertainment. Some popular ideas include balancing an egg on a spoon that is in their mouths, having a blindfolded person be guided through an obstacle course by someone who isn’t blindfolded, and having an activity at a station and having the person complete the activity before moving on to another station. Encourage school unity with relay races that get guests to interact with friends, acquaintances, and strangers alike.

The Ball Is In Your Court

A simple yet fun game to play with your guests is a game called handball. Handball is very popular in Europe and is played in high schools across the United States. The reason for its popularity in high schools is its simplicity. All you need for set-up is a ball, two goals, and some space. A basketball court size is the ideal size needed to play this game. This game, although simple in  nature, requires a reasonable amount of effort and can keep the guests playing for a long time. Here are the rules for clarification (the more technical rules do not have to be followed in order to play the essence of the game):

Slice and Dice?

A fairly new form of physical activity that has emerged is a sport called Live Action Role Playing (or, for short, LARPing). This is where two (or more) people use padded weapons (swords & shields) to land blows on each other. If your guests have had their fill with all the other fun games at your event, this activity is where they can try something new and exciting.

Keep your guests active and entertained with creative and diverse games!

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Homecoming Themes and Spirit Games

Posted by Stumps Spirit on August 7, 2012

With back-to-school comes a new focus for high-school students: homecoming!  When you’re trying to think of fun, new things for homecoming this year, why not add spirit games?  Prizes could include free tickets to the homecoming dance or a gift card so the winner can get dinner or go see a movie.  You can also pick a few themes and let your students vote for their favorites—or do a different theme every day of homecoming week!  Here are a few easy themes and fun spirit games to try:

  • Old Hollywood Glamour Theme:  Roll out the red carpet for homecoming week!  Decorate the entrance to your school to look like the outside of an old-fashioned theater, complete with Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Pressley, and James Dean standees, to get your students into the spirit of the week.  At lunch, you could set up a ticket booth reminiscent of ticket booths at those old theaters to sell homecoming dance and football game tickets as well as hand out popcorn.  Your spirit game or contest idea here could be impersonations!  Hold a small talent competition in which your students can show off their impersonations.
  • At the Carnival Theme:  Students never get too old to go to the carnival!  Hang streamers from the ceiling throughout the hallways of your school and decorate the main hall with bright colors and fun balloons.  Serve a different carnival-themed snack each day: popcorn, caramel apples, and cotton candy are great options.  The fun spirit game you could tie into this theme could be a balloon animal contest!  See which students can make a balloon animal, flower, or hat, and then have a panel made up of teachers judge to see who wins.
  • Under the Starry Night Theme:  While typically, a moonlit theme is more associated with a dance, you could take and it create moonlit cookouts for lunch throughout the week.  Make it tailgate-related for the upcoming game!  Serve hot dogs, hamburgers, macaroni and cheese, and potato chips—you could even let your students sit outside and enjoy the beautiful weather for a few more days before the chill of fall sets in.  What kind of spirit game could you incorporate here, you ask?  Challenge your students to show their school spirit: have them make t-shirts, wear face paint, do anything they can to create the best show of school spirit.  The faculty of the school can judge again, but rather than one overall winner, choose a winner from each class.  This way, your students will have a chance to get to know someone they might not have otherwise met.

These are just a few suggestions—your choices for homecoming themes are wide and varied.  The best way to get your students pumped for homecoming is to do something different to catch their attention every day of the week.  By choosing a theme that has so many different possibilities, your students will definitely be ready to show their spirit at the big game!

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Floats, Football Games, and Dances—Your Homecoming Checklist

Posted by Stumps Spirit on August 3, 2011

Homecoming is the first major event that many high schools hold. Make sure that your school’s homecoming is one that everyone remembers from the floats to the big game & dance that follows.

Homecoming Checklist:

  • Promote your school’s Homecoming starting several weeks before using event banners that can be personalized with your school colors and the Homecoming date.
  • If your school has a Homecoming parade, you’ll want to organize all of the clubs and teams that will be participating. Sell parade supplies before or after school to the participants. You may want to include a special float for the prom court or one just for the prom king & queen if your parade is after the dance.
  • Choose your Homecoming committee & decide on a theme. Set up shifts for the committee members to spend hanging Homecoming theme decorations, but be sure the vision is clear so everything gets done correctly.
  • Set up your voting system for prom court. Make announcements about a week prior to voting so that everyone that’s running has time to promote themselves.
  • Purchase plenty of Homecoming royalty items so that everyone receives something special on the big night.

When you use this easy list to plan & organize your school’s Homecoming, you’ll have people begging you to work on the prom committee next!

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