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Win Fans with a New Mascot

Posted by Stumps Spirit on September 7, 2011

If you’re looking to get your crowds really cheering this year, a new Mascot is a fun investment for your school sports and other events. A new school mascot costume is not only fun, it’s also an asset to your school spirit, as the mascot can appear at dances, fundraisers, and assemblies in addition to sporting events. Once you acquire a new mascot, like one from Stumps Spirit’s standard or Thermo-Lite lines, you can incorporate the mascot in your cheerleading routines or into many other aspects of your games and events.

Mascots In the Stands
Our Thermo-Lite Mascots have heads that are 50% lighter than standard mascot heads. That means that not only do they make cheering easier, they are also great for allowing your mascot to travel into the stands more easily. Send your mascot into the stands to get fans involved in cheers. This can be especially fun for call-and-response cheers! Your fans will also enjoy the opportunity to high-five or take pictures with the new mascot.

Mascot Fun On the Field
Send your new mascot onto the field between quarters to run races with players, do cheers with the cheerleaders, or play games with fans. There are tons of ways your mascot can entertain the crowd. Set up a small obstacle course and get volunteers to challenge the mascot in a race. Have the mascot compete in a hula-hooping contest with fans or with the MVPs or coaches. Your mascot is highly-visible by nature, so use the mascot to keep the action going when the players are off the field.

Mascots At the Dance
If you’ve got a new mascot, students will want plenty of opportunities to interact with him or her and taking pictures at the Homecoming dance will help capture lasting memories. Make your mascot available at the portrait area of the dance for part of the night and then let him or her loose to dance with the students. You can even use gossamer or another fabric to make your mascot a bow-tie or other accessories to make their normal look more formal. Because it will get hot on the dance floor, make plenty of water or a Kold-Vest available to your mascot too.

Mascot Accessories
Stumps Spirit carries mascot costumes in both standard and Thermo-Lite varieties in a wide range of characters. There are also many mascot accessories you can use to keep the student inside the mascot costume comfortable so they can keep their energy up for all the fun. Kold-Vests and Kold Kollars are reusable ice mats that keep your mascot from overheating during hot-weather events. Fat Padding can help your animal mascots, such as bears and dogs, have a fuller look.

Add some more spirit to your mascot costume with custom mascot accessories like a mascot cape or a mascot tshirt personalized with your school name or logo. Our Custom Mascot Jersey looks great on the field!

How do you get your mascot involved in school activities? We’d love to hear in the comments section.

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It’s Time for a New Mascot

Posted by Stumps Spirit on March 28, 2011

The team mascot is the beloved leader at school functions and games. Everyone looks to see what that mascot is doing and where that mascot is now. The young kids even enjoy taking pictures with the mascot and getting an autograph. How long has the current mascot costume been in use at your school? If you are like most schools, too long to remember! Retire that old mascot costume; it’s time for a new mascot to make a debut.

Thermo-Lite Mascots
Great news for mascots, heavy, awkward mascot costumes can be a thing of the past. Thermo-lite mascots are just what the name suggests, light weight mascot costumes. These new costume heads are 50% lighter than the traditional plastic heads. That means that the costume is cooler and easier to wear. The thermo-lite foam rubber heads have shoulder straps but no longer have “head gear” inside of them like some of the old-style plastic heads.

Mascot Costumes
When selecting a school mascot to represent your school’s spirit and team dedication, enlist someone who is outgoing, displays a good attitude, represents the school well, and someone who is physically able to perform the mascot duties. What’s your school mascot? Stumps Spirit offers so many great mascot costumes to choose from, your mascot is bound to be available. These costumes are durable, affordable, and are designed to fit individuals ranging from 5’ 2″ tall to 6’ 2″ tall.

Mascot Accessories
Play it safe when it comes to your mascot’s safety. During the hot weather, keep them from over-heating by supplying them with cooling accessories while they are revving up the crowds with megaphones and cheering for the team. Depending on your mascot, another one of the important mascot accessories is fat padding, which is great for bulking up your mascot when necessary.

Remember that it is a game and whether the team wins or loses that day, being a mascot is about having fun and cheering on your team.

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