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Five creative ways to Give Promotional Items to Fans

Posted by Stumps Spirit on November 21, 2012

Maximize your presence, fun and good will by going the extra mile to put promotional items into fans’ hands this season. Here are five ways to garner all that positive attention.

1. Team members play Santa. Have team members carry the swag in sports bags or packs at all times during the promotional period and ask them to pass it out according to their own whims or judgment. You can give the participants short announcements or “blurbs” to say or read for the moments they find themselves in crowds and decide to open their packs.

Small wearable team supplies, such as lanyards or wristbands, are good choices for this kind of distribution; no matter where the team members end up, the items can be put on immediately for hands-free convenience.

2. Fans get bonuses. A pizzeria, coffee house or other popular local hangout can provide promo items to customers who make purchases. (These same types of businesses also would make good sponsors!) Stadium cups and other drinkware make sense here, as do foam spirit products, for example mitts and wavers, which can easily be slipped into shopping bags.

3. You reward good works. Hook into a fundraiser and reward giving, by giving. You tend to see canned food drives and coat drives this time of year, and they are often covered by local media. Be sure you’re there with smiles, greetings and your goodies – perhaps hot cider or coffee served up in travel mugs.

4. Mascots crash parties. We’re kidding…mostly. Gather community calendars and figure out where the crowds will be on Saturdays. This time of year there are probably special activities planned, such as the arrival of Santa, to draw families to your town’s main business district for holiday shopping.

Have your mascot stand outside a business to share freebies (after getting permission from the owner or manager, of course) or just roam the streets where the crowds are. This might be the time for items that appeal to kids, too, such as balls and temporary tattoos.

5. Fans win prizes. Offer products as game prizes at a winter carnival or trade show. Have prizes on hand of differing values for first, second and third place. Seat cushions are nice, practical items for first-place winners but be sure to have something for everyone who participates.

When you go out of your way to promote your team, people notice and remember. That’s exactly what a promo is for!

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Spirit Day Dress Up Ideas

Posted by Stumps Spirit on November 1, 2012

Some spirit days, such as school color days, are based on long tradition. Other times you might want to shake things up a little, and we hope this post helps get the creative juices flowing.

Colorful Additions
While school color spirit ideas are popular for game days, there’s no reason not to incorporate them into other spirit day themes.

For example, mustache parties have led to mustache day spirit days and you are no longer limited to black fake mustaches but can choose from eight additional colors. Imagine each class in a different color mustache!

The same goes for Crazy Hair Day and selection of spirit wigs (or Bling Strings if you are looking to be a wee bit more subtle), or adding colorful spirit apparel to Twin Day or Hat Day.

Mascot Madness
A mascot-based spirit day is closely related to color days so this is another time to add a little school color, perhaps by wearing a western bandanna or temporary tattoos.

If you happen to be a proud cowboy or pirate, hats are a natural consideration; and a little face paint from Team Supplies can help you give tigers or lions a little stripy or whiskery goodness.

Dance Theme Days
We highly recommend taking a look at event themes for ideas about spirit days and dressing for them. This is especially true if there’s a dance involved. The La Jolla Country Day School held a homecoming dance with an Underwater event theme this year, and the school’s Personal Flotation Device Day during Spirit Week tied in beautifully – and hilariously!

Western, Glow and Hip Hop themes are also dance themes that have lots of fab possibilities as spirit days, too.

History is Fun
There are a bunch of different ways to create a “blast from the past” in spirit and dress. There are at least five fun decades to celebrate, from 1920s Jazz Age themes to 1980s Punk, Glam and New Wave scenes.

Some schools don’t limit themselves to just one decade; they choose a different decade for each class or just tell everybody to dress as their favorite decade.

No matter which way you go, a decade spirit day is a great excuse for the fun of digging for sartorial treasures in parents’ or grandparents’ closets and then finishing a rad outfit with accessories from wearable favors such as feather boas and sunglasses.

Has your school had a spirit day that was particularly unusual or fun? If so, please share in the comments!

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5 Contest Ideas for Choosing Your Next School Mascot

Posted by Stumps Spirit on August 28, 2012

What do you do when your mascot graduates?  You have to choose someone new to wear the suit and go to all the games as your mascot, but how do you go about choosing?  Do you let the former mascot name a successor, or does the principal select the next one? You could use either of those options, or you could create a few fun contests and make a competition to find a new mascot.

When planning for the contests, you have to be creative.  Make them challenging and potentially embarrassing.  If you make the contests easy, many more students will get involved.  Making them slightly embarrassing is a way to whittle down the competition—even so, you’ll probably still have a lot of students.  Now, do you want to do one big contest or would you rather put together, say, three smaller contests?  This could depend on the amount of students who want to try out for the new mascot, but it’s a good way of eliminating a few contestants at a time.  Here a few fun ideas to weed the mascot competition down to a final few:

  1. Talent Contest:  Have those who want to compete for the role of mascot sign up for a space in the talent show; they can sing, dance, tell jokes, perform magic tricks, or perform impressions.  Your panel of judges will be made up of a couple teachers and a couple parents, who then vote on the round of students who will remain in the competition.
  2. Fundraiser Contest:  Split your remaining contestants into groups of 5 to 7 (don’t let them choose their teammates) and have each group choose a school department (drama, choir, band, etc.) and create a fundraiser.  By selecting the groups for the students, you’ll be challenging them to see who will work well with others, as cooperation is a big part of any team.  The top two teams will be the winners and have a chance to move on.
  3. Costume Contest:  Because the mascot is always in a costume, challenge your mascot hopefuls to create a costume and wear it to school all day!  The costumes can be school-related or not, but they must be actual costumes!  Don’t allow the students to wear jeans, boots, and a leather jacket and claim they’re a “greaser.”  Those costumes should mean disqualification.
  4. Field Day Contest:  Have your hopefuls participate in a fitness contest of sorts.  Set up a game of HORSE, followed by tossing horseshoes, a push-up contest, and one or two other field-day-related games.  This is where the competition heats up, because you’ll only be choosing five to continue on.
  5. Spirit Contest:  Challenge your hopefuls to deck themselves out in school spirit gear!  They can decorate their cars, their lockers, their clothing, or themselves (temporary tattoos are a great way to show spirit), but they must be the most spirited student in order to win.

Encourage your students to show their school spirit during the mascot competition.  After all, being a school mascot is all about school spirit—something students always have!

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