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Sail to Romance with a Nautical Theme Dance

Posted by Stumps Spirit on September 19, 2007

Poseidon’s Paradise KitShip’s Ahoy, Sailmates! A nautical theme makes for a unique and fun Homecoming Dance. Start your ocean adventure with our down-by-the-sea decorations and tips.

Nautical Homecoming kits bring the ocean to your event in a snap! Complete your authentic nautical adventure with our tips below!


• The color scheme that works the best with this theme is definitely blue, red, and white, with touches of yellow. A combination of only two of these colors would work as well, so pick what works best for you.
colorful boat anchors would be perfect to place on your walls – these are available in gray, red, yellow or blue. Complement these with some of our items from a nautical decorating kit.
• To create a fun and unusual illusion of actually being on a cruise ship, place a ship’s rail standee approximately three feet away from a wall. Add some blue gossamer on the floor between the rail and the wall, and add a few small white and blue balloons to look just like the ocean! Then attach a beautiful mural to the adjacent wall.
• If you will be having a head table, or a buffet table, highlight it by placing a set of dockside pilings on either side of the table.
• Accent your tables even further by lining the edges with fishnet garland.
• Some other decorating items that you may want to use around your dance site would include lighthouses, fish netting, palm trees, life preservers, air plants, corks, canvas-backed beach chairs, and lanterns.


• Start by using blue table covers on all of your tables. You may use either fine white china for an elegant look, or try plastic tableware for a truly nautical effect.
• If you wish to have assigned seating, purchase a sand dollar for each student and use a paint pen to write their names on them. Place one sand dollar on each plate to serve as a placecard.
• Scatter sand and a few shells across your tables like confetti.
• Place our plastic life preserver at the center of your table. For the center of the ring, spray paint some tree branches white and hang fishnet and shells from them. Keep the branches upright by using a styrofoam base to support them.
• If you can find some beautiful pieces of coral, these always look beautiful on your tables. You could add some air plants and sprinkles of sand to complete the look!

Food Ideas

The most logical fare for a Nautical Dance would be seafood of any type. Here are a couple of suggestions – some could be used as appetizers, while others are more of a main entrée option.

• Angel hair pasta with shrimp and basil
• Seafood stir-fry
• Shrimp cocktail
• Flounder with crabmeat stuffing


• Give out captain’s hats or gob hats to each student as soon as they arrive at your door.
• Give students something to treasure by filling blue personalized glassware with sand and a few beautiful shells!
• Choose personalized napkins with a nautical theme for the finishing touch.

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