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How Loud Can Your Political Rally Get?

Posted by Stumps Spirit on July 24, 2012

Show your support for your political party by throwing a loud and spirited rally!  Whether you’re a Democrat or a Republican, it’s your time to show your patriotism and your political stance.  Let your red, white, and blue spirit show with fun patriotic decorations.


Balloons are a must-have at any gathering, so be sure to stock up!  Throw a fun balloon in every bunch, too, for that added patriotic flair—red or blue star-shaped Mylar balloons would be the perfect touch.  By contrasting the colors of the balloon weights (or even simply using silver balloon weights), you’ll have a very good start to a strong political rally.  In addition to your balloons to set the spirit, you’ll want to get a banner made to show your support for your favorite politician.  You can also find a cardboard standee to place at your rally.

Time for the Little Details

What political rally would be complete without favors and refreshments?  Stock up on stars and stripes plates and napkins as well as red and blue stadium cups.  Most rallies serve cookies and juice, but it would be very easy to integrate fruit, vegetables, chips, and various dips into your snack menu—you could even add small sandwiches to make your political rally that much more memorable.  When considering what beverages to serve, think about lemonade and juice, but also stock up on water bottles.  Cover the labels on the bottles with a personalized rally label.

As far as favors go, handing out miniature American flags and pinwheels is traditional at political rallies.  You can also have stickers and mini mint tins made to hand out.  If you want to do something to say “thank you” to the volunteers who help make your rally happen, put cookies and some of the other snacks in personalized jars, then let your volunteers take the jars home!  They’ll love to have a piece of an event as important and as potentially history-making as your political rally.

After the decorations, the favors, and the refreshments come together, you’ll have a beautifully put-together political rally that will encourage your friends, family, and neighbors to show their patriotic spirit.

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