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Plan A Spirited Sorority Rush

Posted by Stumps Spirit on July 17, 2012

Rushing: A Rite of Passage

When high school is over and college rolls around, students look forward to two big rites of passage: entering fraternities and entering sororities.  Individually, those sororities and fraternities try to push their potential new members by teaching traditions that have passed through the families for decades, traditions that make them who they are.  Typically, this process is known as pledging, for fraternities, or rushing, for sororities.  Sororities usually set aside a week early in the fall semester to focus on rushing the new members.  While there are small amounts of hazing that go with rushing and pledging, the big focus should be on teaching new members those rules and traditions that make your sorority so unique.  The week typically ends with a party, because it’s the perfect way for older, wiser members to welcome their younger counterparts and celebrate a new era in their family.

Show New Recruits Your Spirit

While many students enter college excited for their team and proud to wear their colors, other students place a bigger personal emphasis on their studies.  As a member of a sorority, it’s your job to teach your new recruits about when, where, and how to show their spirit, both for their school and their new sorority.  The best way to do that is to throw a spirit rush party.

Start decorating for your rush party by hanging a spirit banner with your sorority’s name on a wall opposite the entrance of your main party room.  Decorate with your school’s colors using balloons and streamers.  You can also get fun pom-poms in different colors to give to your pledges as a cute favor.

While more often than not, party games taper off as you grow up, you could throw one last big party game at your pledges.  Why not have a car decorating competition?  Gather a small supply of car decorations, such as magnets, flags, and decals, as well as a supply of window chalk.  Have your pledges break into groups.  Each group gets to decorate a car of one of the older members.  The sorority members then get to vote on who has the most spirited car at the rush party.

Rush Week Mixer

Why not be the unique sorority that plans a mixer with the other houses to celebrate rush week?  You could work with the other sororities in the area, as well as the fraternities, to plan a big blow-out that will show your new recruits just how spirited you and your fellow Greeks are.  You can make it a big theme night, gather the groups together and provide pizza and popcorn and make it into one big movie night!  A mixer early in the year is the best way for new students to make friends.

However you choose to celebrate the time-honored tradition that is rush week, do so in a manner that will show your new recruits just how much school spirit your sorority has!

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