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How To Make Senior Night Unforgettable

Posted by Stumps Spirit on March 21, 2013

Sports Water BottlesPersonalized Photo BannersThe final year of high school is rich with memories. We’ve got some outstanding examples of how you can make Senior Sports Night memorable for the class of 2013.

Welcome the seniors and their families with Personalized Vertical Banners showing pictures of your school’s athletes in action.  Create a life size stand up from a picture of their freshman year or a giant 3-foot Big Head Cutout of their face for friends and family to wave when they are being honored.

You will also want to include a goodie bag filled with both fun and keepsake items such as personalized water bottles, key chains with the team photos. Personalized items create a memorable token for your seniors.  Let your imagination run wild with Do It Yourself treat bags that you can fill with either candy or healthy snacks. Or both! Make Senior Night for the class of 2013 one that they’ll be talking about in 2023 at their 10-year reunion!

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Decorate for Your School’s Own March Madness

Posted by Stumps Spirit on March 12, 2013

While the History Channel claims that March Madness was born 74 years ago with the “first-ever NNCAA men’s basketball tournament,” high school teams everywhere know that small town school spirit has played an important role for decades. The squeak of basketball shoes on gymnasium floors, roaring crowds, and the swish of basketballs bouncing off the backboard and falling down to bounce on the shiny floor, while the audience holds its collective breath for just one second, a second when time stops, before erupting into screams of delight while their favorite players rush back up the court, dripping with sweat and motivation…This is March Madness, and it is catching once more.

Illinois and Indiana both claim to have started March Madness with high school basketball playoffs, but whether you’re playing in the Midwest or coast-to-coast, school spirit has an insatiable thirst this month. Give in to the enthusiasm and make sure your players and biggest fans have enough to drink with durable polycarbonate or plastic water bottles personalized with your school’s name, the year, certain player’s names, or even just “March Madness!” You could toss these out during basketball games to get the crowd even more pumped up, or sell them as part of a sports fundraiser.

Next, advertise your school spirit with banners for pep rallies, star players, and all the big games that are happening this month. Weave your school colors through fencing and around the hallways using gossamer or even durable, flame-resistant poly vinyl. Nothing is more exciting than walking into your high school or college gymnasium to find huge signs promoting the team and the starting players surrounding by bright streams of school colors.

Speaking of color, you can use lots of it to spruce up the hallway in your high school with affordable graphic banners that are designed for lockers.  Personalize them to match your school colors as well as with names. These can be used for all your superstars, too; marching band, the yearbook, or even just that special person in your life that needs a little bit of motivation as the end of the school year looms, but is still very far away.

Finally, be sure and surprise boys and girls, women and men’s basketball superstars with Big Heads; use them in the crowd or attach them along the walls or fencing with their number and cheer them on throughout March Madness and for the year to come. Remind them who their biggest fans are and frighten the opposition with your school spirit, to boot!

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Glow at Your Next Pep Rally

Posted by Stumps Spirit on January 3, 2013

Glow at Your Next Pep Rally

Don’t just deck yourself out in your school colors, literally GLOW! Take your next pep rally to a higher level by lighting up the entire place with school spirit!

Glow Jewelry

Glow necklaces can be a big hit!

Glow necklaces can be a big hit!


When the gym lights go down, or simply to be a little flashy, have students wear glow necklaces. They come in solid colors or with two colors in one. Glow sticks also work when hung around the neck on something like a lanyard. Glow sticks come in purple, yellow, pink, orange, green and blue. If the color doesn’t matter and you just want to stand out, wear some glow beads.

Paint the Gym in Glow

Glow-in-the-dark Paint can really jazz up posters before the big pep rally. If you can get ahold of some large black lights, that will really make the glow of the paint stand out to everyone in the gym. Use the paint on banners or on paper for a run-through for when your school’s team comes out for the crowd.

Light Up Bam Bams

Everyone loves Bam Bams. They’re fun, loud, and a great way to show your school spirit. How could they possibly get any better? If they glowed, of course! Light Up Bam Bams are the loud noise-making sticks you’ve always loved but with a burst of light!

Shining Stars

Star balloons can light up the place with spirit!

Star balloons can light up the place with spirit!

Perhaps nothing glows brighter than a star! Pack the gym with star balloons for a seriously spirited pep rally. Have a mixture of regular latex balloons and some filled with helium so the place will literally be glowing with stars.

Glowing with Pride

There’s no greater way to show your school pride than by making giant Big Heads of your favorite athletes. At 36 inches high, they will simply glow with spirit at your pep rally! These popular, giant cardboard heads are super popular right now and will leave fans and athletes glowing with pride for their school.

There are many ways to glow at your next pep rally. How will you make the place shine?

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