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Try These Pep Rally Activities

Posted by Stumps Spirit on October 15, 2010

We’re following up on our Entertaining Pep Rally Ideas with more pep rally fun. Here are ideas for contests, a couple surprises, and yes, a bit more silliness that shows you’re good sports in the cause of firing up the crowd for the big game!

Wrap Your Rival. Choose teams of three people from the audience. One member of each team represents the rival school. The other two team members are given rolls of crepe streamers in your school colors. Hold a contest to see which team completely wraps the “rival school” team member from head to toe the fastest. Be sure to reward the winning team with a bouquet of personalized balloons imprinted with a message of victory!

Dancing in the Dark. Lights off for the half-time show! Once total darkness settles in, pump up the crowd with a fast-paced cheerleading dance heightened by several of our pulsating zenon strobes.

Glow for It. Get the fans in on the glow action with our glow necklaces!

Spell It Out. Giant letter balloons are a great way to get our message across. Have even more fun by filling them with confetti. (Our confetti jet does the trick!) As players run by the balloons when their names are announced, each player pops their balloon to release the fun surprise!

Pennies for Prizes. Use our glass boot mug for a penny-pitch. Select students from the crowd, and give each participant five pennies to throw. The winner with the most pennies in the glass receives a school bandanna.

Kiss and Tell. Have each player sit in a chair and tell them that they will be blindfolded, and an anonymous cheerleader will kiss them on the cheek. (Their mission is to guess which cheerleader kissed them.) After they are blindfolded, quietly bring out each of their mothers and have them give their sons a peck. The crowd will love it, even if the players don’t.

Rally the Crowd. A good pep rally prepares the fans for the big game. This is the perfect time to teach new crowd cheers, make game announcements, and explain your game plan.

Pie a la Coach. Every crowd loves a pie in the face (of someone else)! One way to do it: give a coach or teacher a bunch of balloons. Each one will have a note inside – telling him to do something goofy (sing a song, do jumping jacks, etc). As he pops the balloons, he has to do whatever they say. Make sure that the last one is a huge whipped cream pie – thrown right in his face!

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