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School Spirit Activities for Final Exam Week

Posted by Stumps Spirit on December 11, 2012

I think we can all relate to the dampering spirits students feel as the stress and pressure of finishing up homework assignments, cramming last minute knowledge into an already overly, overwhelmed head of intellectual confusion, and hopefully awaiting last minute grades with fingers crossed and whispered prayers of linger across the hallways of schools and universities everywhere. We’ve either been there and done that, or are unexcitedly doing that now… but either way, we know and remember the feeling. That daunting ball of stomach worms that sits in the pit of your stomach never really gets forgotten. But we can help lighten the spirits for those on-edge students to help make those late nights of study a little less miserable.

Pajama Day

Host Pajama Day at your school's finals week

Host Pajama Day at your school’s finals week

Let those up-all-night, chip snacking, book cramming students show up in their nighties – because chances are, they haven’t slept anyway and the fun of wearing their fleece pajamas and animal slippers is always a hit. Advertise each day’s spirit activity with a banner so the students know how to participate. For pajama day, hang paste your face baby with bear standees in the hallway. Students will have fun with both the spirit day and having their picture taken in the life-size baby in pajamas stand-in.

Host a Super Hero Day and let the students go crazy in their favorite super hero's costume

Host a Super Hero Day and let the students go crazy in their favorite super hero’s costume

Super Hero Day

Tell students to come dressed as their favorite super hero. College students, especially, love to dress in costume for football and basketball games, so bring the school spirit of the games to the classrooms. Hang Super Hero Day banners throughout the hallways. In the university’s student hall, place a Superhero Photo board and let students get their picture taken in the superman stand~in. I’ve even heard of a few teachers offering a little extra credit for students who come dressed to class – and every student’s spirits are lifted when a little extra credit is available. Wink, wink!

Camo Day

I think all students really want to just hide from finals… so host a Camo Day and let the students come dressed in full camouflage. Students always get excited to rally around the student hall for fun and activities (and I’m pretty sure they like the giveaways, too), so let them come relax with a camo cupcake and green juice – send them off to class with a camo pen and you’ll have students coming out of the woodwork.

Rock Out Day

Rock Out Day at your school

Rock Out Day at your school

Rather than let the hum-drum boredom of studies get the students down, have a Rock Out day and let the students unwind to fun, upbeat tempo of a local band playing in the student hall. Offer a table of chips and cookies and let the students escape the painstaking agony of preparing for finals. Place a Rock Guy Standee throughout the university campus to bring awareness to the fun event. Decorate the student hall with holographic lit columns and rock balloons. A free concert at the university student hall will definitely help put their finals week worries to rest.

School Spirit Day

School Spirit Day

School Color Day

Finally, ending the week with a little school color representation will help bring closure to transformed week of torture into a fun and upbeat week of activities. Invite the students to attend the GREEN OUT, RED OUT, BLUE OUT, BLACK OUT – or whatever color your school boasts. Or let them go as crazy as they can sporting the school’s mascot inspired clothing. But be sure to help them go wild – make sure to have plenty of school spirit items around to give away. Students love noisemakers, colored beads, cheerphones, and stadium cups (especially now that they’re going to celebrate with a few post-finals after parties). Set up some games of cornhole and ping~pong. Also, consider offering a prize for the most spirited student. The students will have a blast just hanging out with fellow students and celebrating the end of finals.

With a little school spirit finals week fun, the dreaded pressure of exams and final papers will be a little less painful – at least until they wait for their final grades.


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Wake Up Young Fans with Santa’s Three Holiday Cheers

Posted by Stumps Spirit on November 29, 2012

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night! Deck the halls with boughs of holly this Christmas season with the joyous sounds of holiday cheer. The children love songs of Santa and the presents and joy he brings with the winter season. Here are three songs from the jolly man himself to put the children in the right spirit!

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

You better watch out, you better not cry… you know the rest! A classic song sung by all ages, this cheerful tune is one of the most iconic Christmas songs of all time. This song fills children with the wonderful fantasies that Christmas brings, like Santa Claus landing on the roof in his sleigh, coming down the chimney with his bag full of presents for everyone. Here is a very familiar version of the song “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” for you and your family to sing along with!

.I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

…Underneath the mistletoe last night! From the innocent eyes of a young child witnessing his mother kissing Saint Nick, this song is another popular song sung during the Christmas season. We all heard this song when we were kids and imagined our mothers kissing the man with the belly like a bowl full of jelly by the fireplace on Christmas night. Some of us even sneaked downstairs in the middle of the night on Christmas Eve just to see if we could catch our mothers in the act! A great rendition of this song was covered by none other than the Jackson 5, bringing an upbeat and catchy tune to the song we all know and love.

Jolly Old Saint Nicholas

A very old but still very popular song during the winter holiday season, “Jolly Old Saint Nicholas” tells the tale of Santa’s visit on Christmas Eve and of a child telling Santa Claus what he/she wants for Christmas this year. The song begins by describing how Santa brings the presents and then goes on to tell of which stocking the child wants him to place his/her presents. This is the perfect song for teaching children about what the idea of Santa Claus is all about. Below is a sing-along version of the song.

No matter if you decide to sing one of these songs or all of them, they will all surely bring you and your family many tidings of great joy this holiday season. ‘Tis the season to be jolly… and sing, too!

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Decorate Your Car- Hockey & Basketball Spirit Ideas

Posted by Stumps Spirit on October 19, 2011

Take your school spirit on the road with you this season for hockey and basketball by decorating your car with a variety of trendy car spirit supplies. Deck out your whole vehicle to let everyone see your school spirit and show them how proud you are to support your sport!

Car Magnets
• Basketball: The awesome flaming basketball oval magnet and the square basketball magnets are perfect for showing school spirit and can be easily removed and transferred to another car if needed.
• Hockey: Design your own hockey magnet by clicking on create-a oval magnet. Then add two lines of text, a hockey graphic design, choose the background color, and decided whether or not to add a background design.

Car Static Decal
To decorate your car windows, use car static decals with a basketball theme or custom make a hockey decal. Car static decals are reusable and easy to stick up and take off your windows.

Car Chalk
If you like to change up your car decorating, then use spirit car chalk or window markers to customize a new design for every game. Use more than one color for a shaded effect. Window markers are simple to use and easy to remove. Be sure to get an orange window marker (or try the orange fluorescent marker) to draw a basketball, and a black window marker to draw a hockey puck.

Antenna Balls
Top your antenna with a custom designed hockey or basketball car antenna ball. Choose the shape, color, wording, and design to imprint on the car antenna balls. Get some for teammates and fans as well.

Air Fresheners
After practice or a game, the smell of a sweaty uniform, equipment, or player can overwhelm the confined space of your vehicle. Hang one of the spirit air fresheners in your car to maintain a fresher smelling car.

Hitch Covers
Choose round hitch covers and select orange for a basketball oriented hitch cover and black for a hockey oriented hitch cover. Another way to go is to select one of your school colors for the hitch cover and then just put a basketball or hockey graphic design on the hitch.

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