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Activity Ideas for Another Awesome Spirit Week

Posted by Stumps Spirit on October 12, 2010

We’ve come up with more ideas for ‘specially awesome Spirit Week themes and activities.

Balloon Treats. Make surprise balloons by placing candy and small trinkets inside balloons before you inflate them. Then place the balloons in the locker room to congratulate the players after the game.

Hat Week. Assign a hat theme for each Spirit Week day (mascot day, western day, “fire up” day, “wild round-up” day, etc.). Everyone will be proud to show their school unity! Stumps has cowboy hats, captains’ caps, pirate wearables, sun hats, fire chief helmets, jesters’ headgear, chef’s hats, construction hardhats, and a whole lot more!

Smile for the Button. Create personalized buttons by using our rotary cutter to trim photographs of your team’s brightest stars before inserting them into our design-a-buttons.

A Thousand Words. Say “thank you” to teachers and coaches by presenting them with imprinted albums filled with photos from the season’s games. Top the memorable gift off with a card signed by the entire team!

Secret Crush. Hold a Secret Admirer Day when students can purchase roses during lunch and have them sent to their objects of desire during homeroom.

Guess the Poms. Toss a bunch of pom poms in a large, clear container. Then set the container in an open area where students can guess how many poms are inside the container. The winner receives a pair of poms and free admission to the big game!

Spirit Dollars. Reward spirit week participants with play money for each activity that they are involved in. Give money to individuals or entire classes who display school spirit and then allow them to spend their “cash” at a raffle or carnival at the end of the week.

MTV Auditions. Offer “Cafeteria Karaoke” at lunch time one day. Whether or not you discover any talent, you’re sure to uncover great laughs!

Fan Caravan. On the day of the big game, sponsor a caravan for all fans traveling to the game. Meet at the school, deck out your cars, and travel together to the big game. You’ll want to try out several of our car spirit supplies such as window paint, car chalk, bumper stickers, car flags, and antenna balls – sure to get your school’s spirit rolling!


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Contests for a Stellar Spirit Week

Posted by Stumps Spirit on September 14, 2010

Take inventory of your supply of school spirit items from Stumps Party and offer some of them as prizes for these fun Spirit Week contests!

Nice Stems. Take pictures of all the senior football players legs (just the legs!). For Spirit Week, attach the pictures of each player’s stems to a collection can. Let the students know that the picture with the most spare change in the can at the end of the week wins the contest. Reveal the identities of the contestants and the winner at the pep rally! This also makes a great fundraiser.

Chug-A-Lug. Wanna break from cheering? Get the squad together for a milk-drinking contest during lunch (juice or soda could also work). Make sure the table and floor are covered in plastic, and that everyone has plenty of liquid to chug! The cheerleader who drinks the most in one minute wins the contest. For this contest, you may want to award a “Got Milk?” poster to the winner!

Name That Senior. Set up a table in the cafeteria, gym, or hallway for baby pictures of the senior football players and senior cheerleaders to be displayed. Set a jar and a pile of forms for the students to guess which senior corresponds to what picture (assign each picture a number). At the end of the week, tally the correct answers and announce both the names of the seniors and the winners of the contest at the pep rally!

From Hall to Spirit Wall. You’ll need plenty of seamless paper for hall decorating contests between classes. Paint it, glitter it, or layer it! (Get the optimum effect by placing one contrasting color over another. Then cut words and symbols in the top layer of paper to show off what’s underneath!).

Powder Puff. Hold a Powder Puff game the night before the big game. Girls are the football players, and guys are the cheerleaders!

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Use Custom Creations Kits for a Spectacular Spirit Event

Posted by Stumps Spirit on June 18, 2009

Homecoming-Custom-Spirit-ArchCustom Creation Kits by Stumps Spirit are a fantastic way to add a special touch to your spirit week, school dance, or Homecoming decorations. With our Custom Creation decorations, you can add your school name, event, theme, or mascot right to columns, arches, and giant number standees.

Open your event with a Custom Creation Arch. The arch is available in several designs such as Mascot Paw, Falling Star, Spirit Paw, Starburst, Hollywood, or Music. Or, you can personalize the arch with your own text. Accent the arch with 2009 mylar balloons, gossamer, garland, or other decorations. These arches make a big impression as entrance pieces and are great for taking commemorative photos. Each arch measures 8′ 10″ high x 10′ 5 1/2″ wide x 1′ deep and is made from corrugated cardboard.

The Homecoming Custom Spirit Arch pictured at right can be customized with your school initials on theΒ  soccer ball, basketball, or football, and your mascot, plus it features Homecoming across the top. The Homecoming Custom Spirit Arch is 8′ 6″ high x 10′ 5″ wide black cardboard.

Accent your other event decorations and effortlessly divide up a large space with our Custom Spirit Columns. Columns are 7’ 4” high x 1” wide x 1’ deep and can be imprinted with your school initials, name, and mascot. The column can also be made in your school colors. To create an awesome topper, purchase balloons in your school colors separately and attach a cluster to the top of the column. Each column is printed on all four sides.

Create an awesome focal point for your school event using our Event Supplies Custom Creations Number Standees. These 3′ 10″ high x 3′ 2″ wide x 1″ deep cardboard numbers are available printed to fit your theme. Choose from a Mascot Paw, Falling Star, Spirit Paw, Starburst, Hollywood, Music, or have them personalized with your own text. These numbers create fantastic settings for Homecoming coronations, commemorative photos, or other school spirit events.

Check out all of our new school spirit supplies and tell us about how you’ve used Custom Creations kits!

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