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Table Decorations for Dances, Banquets and Fundraisers

Posted by Stumps Spirit on September 2, 2008

You can alter the look of your Homecoming very quickly when you jazz up your tables with decorations. Don’t overlook table decorations! They can tie in with your theme and create a very cohesive look to your Homecoming decor.

Adorn Banquet Tables
Flame-retardant gossamer is the perfect covering for a buffet table with hot food trays on it. The treated gossamer will ease your worries, while adding a glamorous touch.

Tropical Tables
Add a nautical touch to your tables by covering them with blue super shine table covering (for a watery look), then let tiny boats “sail” across your vast tables. Place a Potted Palm Tree Centerpiece on the “oceans” for a tropical effect.

Menu Jackets
Dress-up menu covers with marble spray paint, then laminate the paper to make the elegant appearance permanent.

Mexican Munchies
Place a sombrero in the middle of each table. Fill the rim with fruit and nuts for an instant centerpiece success! Or use it to hold tortilla chips and place the salsa nearby.

Evening Dinner Party
For an evening dinner party light up the night by placing a starlight petite candle at each place setting. With your special design imprinted on the glass, the arrangement of dancing light will create a romantic mood not to be forgotten.

Elegant Place Settings
For an elegant place setting and party favor, use a contempo glass, imprinted with your special design. Place a silk rose through the hole in the stem (there’s a wide variety of silk rose colors to choose from), and fill the bowl of the glass with iridescent shred.

Really Clean Up
Want to make a special event unique without spending to much money? Foil imprinted napkins are an easy way to create a unique memento of a special evening, while staying on budget.

Create a Fun Party Favor
Use a Jr. Distinction Glitter Candle imprinted with the special design of your party and choose from a wide variety of glitter colors. Then twist a garter or armband, from our wide selection, around the stem of the glass. This will be a fun way of giving unique party favors to your guests.

Metallic Curtains & Table Skirting
Hang metallic curtains or table skirting from a gymnasium ceiling to create a dazzling intimate feel to the large spaces.

Balloon Centerpieces
Spray balloons with marble spray for a contemporary look. Attach one end of some bright curling ribbon to a helium-filled balloon; attach the other end to netting filled with candy. Voila! You have an edible centerpiece that everyone will want to take home!

Napkin Rings
Wind Milky Way garland into loose rings 1″ in diameter, and use the end result as napkin rings.

Tie gossamer in knots every 2 feet, fluff between the knots and sprinkle with confetti for elegant table runners.

Place gemstones in vases to hold flowers in centerpiece arrangements.

Die-Cut Borders
Use around the table edges to create a unique theme touch.


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Decorate Hallways with Personalized Wall Graphics

Posted by Stumps Spirit on August 26, 2008

Custom Wall GraphicsIf you’re looking for a fresh new decoration to brighten up your school’s hallways or gymnasium, Stumps Spirit has just the thing for you! Our new wall graphics feature bright colors and they are repositionable so you can move them to different locations around your school and use them again and again.

We have a selection of mascot wall graphics you can personalize with your school letters. Choose from a tiger, bee, cardinal, eagle, bulldog or a paw print. You can even have matching window graphics printed and use them in classrooms or sell them to parents for a great fundraiser.

Our spirit wall graphics make great options too! Place a flaming football graphic in your hallways during football season or a giant megaphone printed with your school letters to cheer on students as well as cheerleaders. Our #1 wall graphic is great year round, no matter what season it is. You can create a senior hallway with our Class of…wall graphic. You can customize each graphic with your own lettering.

Best of all, create a custom wall graphic! Use your own design or digital photograph to create a one of a kind wall graphic. Use team photos to create a wall of fame in your school!

Our wall graphics are printed on sturdy material and all you have to do is peel and stick for a great school spirit boost!

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Tips for Choosing Colors for Your School Event!

Posted by Stumps Spirit on February 11, 2008

School Event Color OptionsWhile you are finalizing your theme choice, you will naturally begin to consider the theme colors that will coordinate with your choices. Once a theme is finalized, this is another decision that will need to be made!

This decision is a little easier to make (there are only so many colors out there!), but it should still be made carefully, because it will determine how easy or difficult the task of decorating will be.

There are really only two main things to consider:
1. Do these colors go with our theme? Do they bring out the strengths of the theme, and coordinate with our ideas of an elegant evening, or will they clash and make coordination difficult?
2. Are they easy colors to find? Too many planning committees forget to think about the fact that the most popular colors are popular for a reason. In trying to be unique, you might just create a decorating nightmare for yourself. Browse through our Homecoming Catalog and look at the different decorations you will need. What colors are they available in? Don’t limit your decorating options by choosing unusual and hard-to-find colors.
Depending on your theme, certain colors may just seem natural. Here are a few timeless suggestions:
• Celestial themes – blue and metallic gold or blue and metallic silver
• City themes (Paris, London, NYC) – black, white, and metallic gold or silver
• Underwater themes – various shades of blue, green, and metallic gold or silver
• Park and garden themes – green and white
• Ballroom themes – black, red, white, black and silver and black and gold
• Medieval themes – red, gray, black, and white
• Hollywood theme – black and gold or silver
• Retro themes – lime green, hot pink, purple, turquoise, and banana yellow
• Asian themes – black, red and gold
• Mardi Gras themes – purple, green, yellow and gold
• Cinderella and Fairy Tale themes – pastel blue, white and silver
• Luau themes – green, yellow, blue and hot pink
• Nautical themes – navy blue, red and white

And, you may want to keep these traditional color meanings in mind:
• Red – love, passion, respect, courage
• White – innocence, purity, secrecy
• Yellow – joy, friendship
• Coral – desire
• Light pink – grace, gladness, joy, perfect happiness
• Dark pink – thankfulness
• Lavender – love at first sight, enchantment
• Purple- royalty, nobility
• Orange – fascination

Other strong color combinations:
• Black and Metallic Gold
• Black and Metallic Silver
• Gold and Silver
• Blue and Gold
• Blue and Silver
• Purple and Silver
• Purple and Gold
• Purple and Lavender
• Light Blue and Dark Blue
• Orange, Lime and Lavender
• Forest Green and Burgundy
• Teal, Blue and Purple
• Red, White and Black
• Purple and Black
• Light Blue and White

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