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Prize-Winning Oktoberfest Ideas

Posted by Stumps Spirit on October 5, 2011

Have an Oktoberfest-themed fundraiser, dance or German Club banquet coming up? Mix a few very special pieces into your Oktoberfest decorations to turn an ordinary Oktoberfest into an event that gets wunderbar reviews.

Shop Decorations by Color
Did you know: You can shop decorations by color at Stumps Party. This is a sure-fire method for Oktoberfest decorating that gathers accolades for originality, so don’t be afraid to put a bit of a pretzel-like twist on tradition!

Shop blue for the traditional Bavarian blue-and-white color scheme, or red if your inspiration is the German national flag. You can zoom in on a special piece for your Oktoberfest party that already comes in your color, such as a dazzling chandelier or one of the cool new inflatable arches or columns. You might also get ideas for using certain materials a bit differently than usual – how about tabletops covered in dark blue floral sheeting, for example.

Select a Beautiful Backdrop
You can inject new energy into even a long-established, annual event by presenting a beautiful new decoration among your usual Oktoberfest décor, and we predict oohs and aahhs among the oompah-pahs if it’s a mural, background illustration or photo backdrop.

Check out Stumps Party’s unmatched selection of sizes and materials to suit whatever room size (or tent) and budget you’re working with.

We recommend adding the Beer Barrel photo background illustration or the World Traveler mural to your Oktoberfest event supplies to get the desired effect.

Create a Signature Oktoberfest Banner
For promotional purposes or as part of the décor – or both! – it is easy to create a distinctive Oktoberfest vinyl banner. Start with a Stumps basic design, such as the German Flag banner, and customize it. Or, for just a little bit more investment in time and effort use Create-A Banner from scratch to ensure a signature emblem for your event (also see Vertical Create-A Banner).

Create-A Banner gives you power over font, background design, text, graphic, and all design colors. When it comes time to select background and graphic designs, select the “Holidays” category to bring up the Oktoberfest designs.

We recently utilized Create-A Banner to design a German Club Oktoberfest Supper banner. We chose the blue-and-white German Festival background and resized the images to be smaller; and for the graphic chose the Oktoberfest Crest in German flag colors. The text box we turned red, the text itself gold with black outlines. We were very pleased with the result and give Create-A Banner two mugs up for Oktoberfest decorating!


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Wear Spirit Wristbands and Custom Bracelets with Pride

Posted by Stumps Spirit on December 22, 2010

Wherever you go, you see people wearing rubber wristbands and custom bracelets that have cool sayings, or show support for an important cause. Now you can offer students and fans the chance to wear these stylish spirit wristbands and custom bracelets with your team’s name or motto imprinted on them. There are several styles and colors to choose from that you can see as you design your bracelets, so that you know what it will look like. All of the custom bracelets are perfect for fundraisers and they are perfect for showing school spirit!

Debossed Bracelets – These bracelets are made out of 7 ¾” silicone and include one line of debossed text. Debossed lettering is cut into the rubber for a unique effect.

Screen Printed Bracelets – These bracelets are made out of 7 ¾” silicone and include one line of screen printed text. Bracelets can be imprinted with the following colors: black, gold, brown, emerald green, forest green, light blue, maroon, navy blue, orange, purple, pink, red, royal blue, silver, teal, white, or yellow.

Spirit Wrist Bands – These wristbands are available in the following colors: black, blue, green, orange, purple, red, white, and yellow. You can choose the imprint color from black, blue, green, lime, metallic gold, metallic silver, orange, purple, red, white, or yellow.

Awareness Wrist Bands – These wristbands are laser engraved and they are made of two tone 2 ply silicone. Customize them with one line of up to 20 characters of text. The interior color of the bracelet will be the text color. These wristbands come in the following color combinations: yellow and purple, white and red, white and royal blue, white and kelly green, red and white, navy and white, maroon and white, black and orange, and red and black.

Snap Wristband – These wristbands are made of soft touch vinyl, and feature two snaps that will adjust the bracelet from 6 ½” long to 7 ¼” long. They are available in blue, green, white, neon yellow, and neon green. The imprint colors to choose from include any standard ink color.

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Use Stadium Cups for Fun Fundraisers

Posted by Stumps Spirit on December 4, 2010

Stadium-CupsStadium Cups are a great spirit item that you can customize for your school by including an imprint of your mascot and a spirit slogan or your school name. Plus, there are many ways you can incorporate Personalized Stadium Cups into your school events, fundraisers, and stadium this year!

Custom Stadium Cups are value priced to fit your budget and they are a great way to personalize your school event. Use them at your awards night or sports banquet. After the honorees have had their drinks out of them, they can take them home too.

Use stadium cups as a fundraiser by selling popcorn or other snacks in them at the concession stand. Popcorn is cheap, so when you sell popcorn in the stadium cup you create an item people will love and an incentive to buy it, increasing your profit margin.

Our Fun Mugs are another great option. Sell soda in Personalized Custom Fun Mugs at the concession stand.

Our stadium cups are an unbeatable value and the more you buy the more you save. Stock up on stadium cups for an entire year. You get to choose the size, the texture, the color, and the imprint on your stadium cups, satisfaction guaranteed. They’re a school spirit item you just can’t beat!

Check out all of our School Fundraising items and the largest selection of spirit, royalty, and theme products at Stumps Spirit, Your Homecoming, Spirit, and School Event Headquarters Since 1926!

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