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Checklist for the Final Weeks of Homecoming Dance Planning

Posted by Stumps Spirit on September 13, 2010

This is the third and final post in our 2010 series about Homecoming Dance planning, and covers the final 2-3 weeks (find the first 2 posts here and here). The job at this point will be mostly about planning the night’s schedule, decorating, and maximizing dance attendance.

Stress levels may rise at this point. Your best bet is to understand up front that some changes may happen fast and that glitches will occur here and there despite the best-laid plans. Try to meet these challenges with a sense of humor, and take a deep breath every once in awhile!

2-3 Weeks Before the Homecoming Dance
□ Work out and share the schedule of events; e.g., times for the coronation, serving food, and so on
□ Track ticket sales for an approximate head count for the catering, party favors, number of tables, etc.

1 Week Before the Homecoming Dance
□ Prepare a detailed outline of everything that’s left to do
□ Update and refine the schedule of events as needed
□ Assemble the decorative items that can be moved easily into place when the time comes:

□ Finalize the head count

2-3 Days Before the Homecoming Dance
□ Put together decorative items that need to be assembled in place (e.g. arches, fountain)
□ Set up serving and other tables as far as possible
□ Pick up pre-ordered food and other items
□ Buy whatever fresh food is required
□ Prep food as far as possible
□ Pick up extra batteries, film, etc.

The Day of the Homecoming Dance
□ Prep food that couldn’t be made ahead of time
□ Pick up last-minute items and orders (e.g., fresh flowers)
□ Inflate all your balloons and assemble balloon decorations
□ Put up outdoor decorations and signage
□ Start music to set the mood
□ Enjoy the dance!


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Homecoming Dance Planning Checklist for September

Posted by Stumps Spirit on August 30, 2010

We hope last month’s article and checklist for beginning the Homecoming Dance planning process has been helpful! This post picks up where the last one left off.

By this time, you should have a Homecoming Committee and sub-committees established, a budget, a bank account, and timelines worked out. You should also have the venue booked for the date of the dance, and a guest list completed.

Homecoming Dance Committee Decisions for September

This month, your first priority is to finalize your theme and colors so the decorating, marketing, and fundraising sub-committees can get to work using the information. Although it’s fine to leave the final theme decision up to a vote by Committee members, keep in mind that a school-wide vote on 2 or 3 theme finalists could generate extra excitement for the dance.

Your second task is to hire the outside professionals you’ll need.

Homecoming Planning Checklists for September

4-6 Weeks Before the Homecoming Dance
□ Finalize theme and colors decisions
□ Interview and get bids from 3 caterers, if using; make final selections for caterer, food and other refreshments
□ Listen to tapes and call references for the preferred entertainment; make final selection
□ Evaluate photographers, if using, and make the final selection
□ Hire security, if using
□ Work out the designs and wording for tickets and invitations
□ Get the Decorations sub-committee(s) started on plans

3-4 Weeks Before the Dance
□ Send event invitations
□ Line up chaperones
□ Confirm bookings

    □ Caterer
    □ Entertainment
    □ Photographer
    □ Security

□ Confirm supply orders

Our next post will cover the last 2-3 weeks of Homecoming Planning.

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Start Homecoming Dance Planning in August

Posted by Stumps Spirit on August 9, 2010

Don’t delay! The more bookings you have to do (hall, D.J., catering, security, etc.), the earlier you should start!

Homecoming Committee

Begin with selecting the Homecoming Committee, which you can do by recruitment, a general sign-up for volunteers, a “draft” (i.e., of class officers), or any combination of the above. Use last year as a guideline for how many volunteers you’ll need. Although your school’s “mileage” may vary, the subcommittee/task breakdown will shake out something like the following.

Homecoming Subcommittees

  • Budget
  • Chaperoning/Security
  • Cleanup
  • Decorations
    • -Focal Point
      -General Theme
      -Photo Area
  • Entertainment/Music/Songs/Announcers
  • Favors/Souvenirs (glassware, frames, key tags, photo albums)
  • Flowers
  • Food/Refreshments
  • School Fundraising
  • Lighting/Sound
  • Location
  • Marketing/Advertising
  • Overall Organization/Coordination
  • Photography
  • Set-Up
  • Event Table Decorations
  • Theme/Color Selection
  • Ticket-Selling
  • Transportation
  • Homecoming Planning Checklist for August

    □ Select the Homecoming Committee
    □ Identify subcommittees and their members
    □ Go over the planning timeline and deadlines
    □ Select the dance date
    □ Set a budget
    □ Open a bank account
    □ Book the venue — even if it’s the school gym, you’ll want to clear the dates with administration and athletics departments
    □ Create a guest list of administrators, teachers and others to invite besides the student body
    □ Start the theme selection process

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