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Five creative ways to Give Promotional Items to Fans

Posted by Stumps Spirit on November 21, 2012

Maximize your presence, fun and good will by going the extra mile to put promotional items into fans’ hands this season. Here are five ways to garner all that positive attention.

1. Team members play Santa. Have team members carry the swag in sports bags or packs at all times during the promotional period and ask them to pass it out according to their own whims or judgment. You can give the participants short announcements or “blurbs” to say or read for the moments they find themselves in crowds and decide to open their packs.

Small wearable team supplies, such as lanyards or wristbands, are good choices for this kind of distribution; no matter where the team members end up, the items can be put on immediately for hands-free convenience.

2. Fans get bonuses. A pizzeria, coffee house or other popular local hangout can provide promo items to customers who make purchases. (These same types of businesses also would make good sponsors!) Stadium cups and other drinkware make sense here, as do foam spirit products, for example mitts and wavers, which can easily be slipped into shopping bags.

3. You reward good works. Hook into a fundraiser and reward giving, by giving. You tend to see canned food drives and coat drives this time of year, and they are often covered by local media. Be sure you’re there with smiles, greetings and your goodies – perhaps hot cider or coffee served up in travel mugs.

4. Mascots crash parties. We’re kidding…mostly. Gather community calendars and figure out where the crowds will be on Saturdays. This time of year there are probably special activities planned, such as the arrival of Santa, to draw families to your town’s main business district for holiday shopping.

Have your mascot stand outside a business to share freebies (after getting permission from the owner or manager, of course) or just roam the streets where the crowds are. This might be the time for items that appeal to kids, too, such as balls and temporary tattoos.

5. Fans win prizes. Offer products as game prizes at a winter carnival or trade show. Have prizes on hand of differing values for first, second and third place. Seat cushions are nice, practical items for first-place winners but be sure to have something for everyone who participates.

When you go out of your way to promote your team, people notice and remember. That’s exactly what a promo is for!

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It’s Time for a New Mascot

Posted by Stumps Spirit on March 28, 2011

The team mascot is the beloved leader at school functions and games. Everyone looks to see what that mascot is doing and where that mascot is now. The young kids even enjoy taking pictures with the mascot and getting an autograph. How long has the current mascot costume been in use at your school? If you are like most schools, too long to remember! Retire that old mascot costume; it’s time for a new mascot to make a debut.

Thermo-Lite Mascots
Great news for mascots, heavy, awkward mascot costumes can be a thing of the past. Thermo-lite mascots are just what the name suggests, light weight mascot costumes. These new costume heads are 50% lighter than the traditional plastic heads. That means that the costume is cooler and easier to wear. The thermo-lite foam rubber heads have shoulder straps but no longer have “head gear” inside of them like some of the old-style plastic heads.

Mascot Costumes
When selecting a school mascot to represent your school’s spirit and team dedication, enlist someone who is outgoing, displays a good attitude, represents the school well, and someone who is physically able to perform the mascot duties. What’s your school mascot? Stumps Spirit offers so many great mascot costumes to choose from, your mascot is bound to be available. These costumes are durable, affordable, and are designed to fit individuals ranging from 5’ 2″ tall to 6’ 2″ tall.

Mascot Accessories
Play it safe when it comes to your mascot’s safety. During the hot weather, keep them from over-heating by supplying them with cooling accessories while they are revving up the crowds with megaphones and cheering for the team. Depending on your mascot, another one of the important mascot accessories is fat padding, which is great for bulking up your mascot when necessary.

Remember that it is a game and whether the team wins or loses that day, being a mascot is about having fun and cheering on your team.

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Mascots Boost Spirit with New Accessories

Posted by Stumps Spirit on July 22, 2009

Custom-Mascot-JerseyWhat could be more fun than a mascot costume? Mascots are a fantastic way to boost school spirit and Stumps Spirit has awesome school mascot costumes at prices you can afford. Check out all of our Mascot Outfits and these tips for making the most of your mascot:

Don’t just save your mascot for big games, make it a staple of your stadium and other school events. Have the mascot pose for pictures with students at pep rallies. Have him or her make a surprise appearance at lunch or on the morning announcements. Make your mascot a real presence around your school and school spirit will soar.

Enhance the appearance of your mascot with a Custom Mascot Jersey or Custom Mascot T-Shirt. You can have your custom design laser printed on the apparel. One size fits any standard mascot. We have Mascot Capes too!

Don’t forget Mascot Accessories. Items like Cold Collars and Fat Padding make your mascot look better and keep the person inside the costume feeling cool. We also have Mascot Totes for carrying the costume on the road.

In addition to having value priced mascot costumes and accessories, we have the largest selection of school spirit supplies that you can have personalized with your mascot logo on them. These items make great spirit gear for fans and parents as well as awesome fundraisers.

Stumps Spirit is Your Homecoming, Spirit, and School Event Headquarters Since 1926 and we’re excited to help you make the most out of your mascot for an awesome season of school spirit!

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