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Make Some Noise at Your Turkey Tournament

Posted by Stumps Spirit on November 2, 2011

Are you getting ready for an annual Turkey Tournament? There’s no need to get your pinfeathers in a knot over the preparations! No matter the sport your Turkey Tournament is about, visit School Spirit Supplies at Stumps Party for tools of boisterous school spirit that won’t gobble your budget for spirit items — including the all-important noisemakers!

Search Your Spirit Noisemaker Options
Stumps Party carries every kind of noisemaker you may be looking for: bams, clickers, clackers, clappers, cowbells, kazoos, shakers and whistles. Within these categories there are even more choices when it comes to style and extras. To help with Turkey Tournament planning, here are some noisemaker spirit items and features we feel are standouts:

  • Curvy Wigglestix™, light up bams and inflatable hand shapes in new, eye-catching takes on bam bam noisemakers.

  • Clappers, clackers and cowbells on necklaces so fans can free their hands for snacks and stuff without dropping their spirit items under the bleachers.

  • Imprinted, un-imprinted and generically imprinted noisemakers (e.g., pawprints, “We’re Number One,” etc.) to give you the highest range of price options to suit your budget.

  • Engage Spirit Noisemaker Strategies
    You can use some noisemakers for showing support for the team, and others to help distract the opposing team.

    No matter what the function, though, the aims of the noisemaker games are to show solidarity, exhibit confidence, raise the energy level and keep it high.

    For these reasons, you’ll want to present a united front both visually and noisily. Stick with just a couple of spirit noisemaker items but work to put them in the most hands as possible. (This helps budget- wise too, because of volume pricing.) Then, at pep rallies teach a little organized noisemaking, such as a rhythm routine or call-and-response, and when to use them.

    A clever, coordinated routine plus lots of the same color equals Go Team and is great for morale. And if you can add a special visual effect to this, such as a glow item or the wave of metallic fringe in the wind, it’s even more Wow!

    Seek More Outlets for Team Spirit
    Noisemakers aren’t the only spirit items Stumps does so well. We also carry team supplies, parade supplies, poms, mascots and more. We hope you’ll take a look at other School Spirit Supplies and let Stumps supply items you can use to express the spirit and energy that will make your Turkey Tournament an enjoyable and rousing success.


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    Prize-Winning Oktoberfest Ideas

    Posted by Stumps Spirit on October 5, 2011

    Have an Oktoberfest-themed fundraiser, dance or German Club banquet coming up? Mix a few very special pieces into your Oktoberfest decorations to turn an ordinary Oktoberfest into an event that gets wunderbar reviews.

    Shop Decorations by Color
    Did you know: You can shop decorations by color at Stumps Party. This is a sure-fire method for Oktoberfest decorating that gathers accolades for originality, so don’t be afraid to put a bit of a pretzel-like twist on tradition!

    Shop blue for the traditional Bavarian blue-and-white color scheme, or red if your inspiration is the German national flag. You can zoom in on a special piece for your Oktoberfest party that already comes in your color, such as a dazzling chandelier or one of the cool new inflatable arches or columns. You might also get ideas for using certain materials a bit differently than usual – how about tabletops covered in dark blue floral sheeting, for example.

    Select a Beautiful Backdrop
    You can inject new energy into even a long-established, annual event by presenting a beautiful new decoration among your usual Oktoberfest décor, and we predict oohs and aahhs among the oompah-pahs if it’s a mural, background illustration or photo backdrop.

    Check out Stumps Party’s unmatched selection of sizes and materials to suit whatever room size (or tent) and budget you’re working with.

    We recommend adding the Beer Barrel photo background illustration or the World Traveler mural to your Oktoberfest event supplies to get the desired effect.

    Create a Signature Oktoberfest Banner
    For promotional purposes or as part of the décor – or both! – it is easy to create a distinctive Oktoberfest vinyl banner. Start with a Stumps basic design, such as the German Flag banner, and customize it. Or, for just a little bit more investment in time and effort use Create-A Banner from scratch to ensure a signature emblem for your event (also see Vertical Create-A Banner).

    Create-A Banner gives you power over font, background design, text, graphic, and all design colors. When it comes time to select background and graphic designs, select the “Holidays” category to bring up the Oktoberfest designs.

    We recently utilized Create-A Banner to design a German Club Oktoberfest Supper banner. We chose the blue-and-white German Festival background and resized the images to be smaller; and for the graphic chose the Oktoberfest Crest in German flag colors. The text box we turned red, the text itself gold with black outlines. We were very pleased with the result and give Create-A Banner two mugs up for Oktoberfest decorating!

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    Carnival Days – Booth & Prize Ideas

    Posted by Stumps Spirit on September 28, 2011

    Indoors or out, in traditional primary colors or modern neon, your carnival theme event can benefit from a visit or two to Stumps Party for the best in carnival supplies and ideas.

    Carnival Theme Event Booths for Outdoors
    Start with a canopy and side walls. If you have never done this before, it’s important to know that canopies and tents naturally will want to become airborne in much less wind than you think! Take care to tie and stake your canopy and/or put weights at each corner to anchor it sufficiently for conditions.

    Likewise select the heaviest, sturdiest tables you can manage for inside, and weather-resistant vinyl banners to advertise the booth. If yours is an annual event, think about putting a message on carnival banners that is not dated, so they can be re-used.

    Now you’re ready to finish decorating! Drape plastic flag pennants or two-color spirit pennants across the top for color, and cover tables with coordinating plastic table cover rolls secured with clips, tape, or table skirts. Tying clusters of balloons to the booth corners is fine, but do leave it to the very last step in your decorating since latex balloons age quickly outdoors.

    Choose games and sales items that hold up to the expected weather conditions for your part of the country. For example, select hard candy lollipops instead of chocolate lollipops as sales items and prizes if it might be hot out.

    Stash some extra bungee cords and double-sided tape under the table for “just in case.”

    Carnival Event Booth Ideas for Indoors
    Of course you can use your canopy indoors, but in this case look at the feet to see if you need to wrap them to protect the flooring in your carnival theme event venue.

    As for decorating, indoors you have a wider range of materials at your service. Use red-and-white striped or solid corrugated paper to skirt a table or make into a tri-fold table display. Consider the delightful possibilities for the ceiling, and incorporate crepe streamers and balloons into carnival décor.

    One of the biggest advantages to indoor carnivals is the availability of dazzling made-to-order props: Carnival entrance, Ferris wheel, ticket booth, carousel horse and more. We’ve expanded the color palette of carnival decorations so you now can decorate a carnival theme event in traditional primary colors or in a way that evoke neon and the midway on a summer evening.

    Carnival Food, Games & Prizes
    Carnivals and popcorn go together. Offer a deal at the ticket booth that with x-number of tickets purchased, carnival-goers receive a plastic popcorn container that is good for a free fill-up (mark the bottom of the box upon serving the freebie) and can later be re-used as a container for trinkets.

    Alternatively, you can serve customized bags of Stumps’ caramel popcorn, and soda pop in customized stadium cups. Try to add value to your edible offerings wherever you can with free personalization and take-home containers that make them more attractive.

    Classic carnival games are inexpensive and met with affection no matter the generation. Fill up a large tub or kids’ wading pool with water, add duck pond floaters and follow the included instructions. Likewise fill a dozen or two plastic fishbowls placed together in a grid pattern and get out the ping pong balls for a game that combines skill and chance.

    Wearable favors are convenient for strolling prize winners and add to the festivity. Funny hats, party beads, sunglasses, whistles and glow favors are just a few examples of party favors that make terrific carnival game prizes.

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