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How To Make Senior Night Unforgettable

Posted by Stumps Spirit on March 21, 2013

Sports Water BottlesPersonalized Photo BannersThe final year of high school is rich with memories. We’ve got some outstanding examples of how you can make Senior Sports Night memorable for the class of 2013.

Welcome the seniors and their families with Personalized Vertical Banners showing pictures of your school’s athletes in action.  Create a life size stand up from a picture of their freshman year or a giant 3-foot Big Head Cutout of their face for friends and family to wave when they are being honored.

You will also want to include a goodie bag filled with both fun and keepsake items such as personalized water bottles, key chains with the team photos. Personalized items create a memorable token for your seniors.  Let your imagination run wild with Do It Yourself treat bags that you can fill with either candy or healthy snacks. Or both! Make Senior Night for the class of 2013 one that they’ll be talking about in 2023 at their 10-year reunion!


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Pep Rally Rouser Ideas – Decorate & Make Noise!

Posted by Stumps Spirit on October 16, 2012

The recipe for a successful pep rally is a heaping helping of fierce enthusiasm, several spoonfuls of fun and a few clever props and noisemakers.

Make an Entrance
Preparing for a rally is like setting a stage. Let everyone know something’s up with spirit decorations! We recommend team letter flags and durable banners featuring your sport or mascot and which can be hung in corridors, on gym walls or over railings. If indoors, suspend decorating curtains in team colors over the doorway that the team will enter.

We love inflatable decorations for entrances, too. An inflatable arch, arc or pair of columns concentrates attention where you need it right at the beginning and can be used later for decorating a dance.

Earn Glowing Reviews
Blacklight and blackout pep rallies have been around for a few years but are still extremely popular. We’ve seen them done with black lights, glow products and strobes, sometimes even all three!

Wylie East High School in Wylie, Texas, turned out the lights right at the beginning of its first pep rally of the school year and used glow sticks and necklaces. Check out a write-up and video about it at Blue Ribbon News, and if your school has used glow-in-the-dark or special lighting effects during pep rallies, please share your experiences in the comments!

Turn to our glow event theme pages for cool glow backgrounds, large decorations and black light fixtures, then visit glow products for wearable items, stadium cups and glow-in-the-dark paint.

Inspire the Crowd
You know that the difference between offering entertainment and holding a real rally is audience participation, and that means getting everyone in the room to do the same activities, such as learning a new chant or song.

It also means lots of noise. Magnify and concentrate the energy with noisemakers such as bam bams, bells and clappers.

Bams or Spirit Stix are terrific choices for rallies because they can keep time, and they provide great visual appeal due to their size. Sell bams at lunchtime before the rally, and give out a few pairs as contest prizes, too.

Inflatable bams, clappers and cow bells fit into a variety of budgets because you have control over the degree of personalization. Add new noisemakers to your stash of team supplies before the next big game.

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Make Some Noise at Your Turkey Tournament

Posted by Stumps Spirit on November 2, 2011

Are you getting ready for an annual Turkey Tournament? There’s no need to get your pinfeathers in a knot over the preparations! No matter the sport your Turkey Tournament is about, visit School Spirit Supplies at Stumps Party for tools of boisterous school spirit that won’t gobble your budget for spirit items — including the all-important noisemakers!

Search Your Spirit Noisemaker Options
Stumps Party carries every kind of noisemaker you may be looking for: bams, clickers, clackers, clappers, cowbells, kazoos, shakers and whistles. Within these categories there are even more choices when it comes to style and extras. To help with Turkey Tournament planning, here are some noisemaker spirit items and features we feel are standouts:

  • Curvy Wigglestix™, light up bams and inflatable hand shapes in new, eye-catching takes on bam bam noisemakers.

  • Clappers, clackers and cowbells on necklaces so fans can free their hands for snacks and stuff without dropping their spirit items under the bleachers.

  • Imprinted, un-imprinted and generically imprinted noisemakers (e.g., pawprints, “We’re Number One,” etc.) to give you the highest range of price options to suit your budget.

  • Engage Spirit Noisemaker Strategies
    You can use some noisemakers for showing support for the team, and others to help distract the opposing team.

    No matter what the function, though, the aims of the noisemaker games are to show solidarity, exhibit confidence, raise the energy level and keep it high.

    For these reasons, you’ll want to present a united front both visually and noisily. Stick with just a couple of spirit noisemaker items but work to put them in the most hands as possible. (This helps budget- wise too, because of volume pricing.) Then, at pep rallies teach a little organized noisemaking, such as a rhythm routine or call-and-response, and when to use them.

    A clever, coordinated routine plus lots of the same color equals Go Team and is great for morale. And if you can add a special visual effect to this, such as a glow item or the wave of metallic fringe in the wind, it’s even more Wow!

    Seek More Outlets for Team Spirit
    Noisemakers aren’t the only spirit items Stumps does so well. We also carry team supplies, parade supplies, poms, mascots and more. We hope you’ll take a look at other School Spirit Supplies and let Stumps supply items you can use to express the spirit and energy that will make your Turkey Tournament an enjoyable and rousing success.

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