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Five creative ways to Give Promotional Items to Fans

Posted by Stumps Spirit on November 21, 2012

Maximize your presence, fun and good will by going the extra mile to put promotional items into fans’ hands this season. Here are five ways to garner all that positive attention.

1. Team members play Santa. Have team members carry the swag in sports bags or packs at all times during the promotional period and ask them to pass it out according to their own whims or judgment. You can give the participants short announcements or “blurbs” to say or read for the moments they find themselves in crowds and decide to open their packs.

Small wearable team supplies, such as lanyards or wristbands, are good choices for this kind of distribution; no matter where the team members end up, the items can be put on immediately for hands-free convenience.

2. Fans get bonuses. A pizzeria, coffee house or other popular local hangout can provide promo items to customers who make purchases. (These same types of businesses also would make good sponsors!) Stadium cups and other drinkware make sense here, as do foam spirit products, for example mitts and wavers, which can easily be slipped into shopping bags.

3. You reward good works. Hook into a fundraiser and reward giving, by giving. You tend to see canned food drives and coat drives this time of year, and they are often covered by local media. Be sure you’re there with smiles, greetings and your goodies – perhaps hot cider or coffee served up in travel mugs.

4. Mascots crash parties. We’re kidding…mostly. Gather community calendars and figure out where the crowds will be on Saturdays. This time of year there are probably special activities planned, such as the arrival of Santa, to draw families to your town’s main business district for holiday shopping.

Have your mascot stand outside a business to share freebies (after getting permission from the owner or manager, of course) or just roam the streets where the crowds are. This might be the time for items that appeal to kids, too, such as balls and temporary tattoos.

5. Fans win prizes. Offer products as game prizes at a winter carnival or trade show. Have prizes on hand of differing values for first, second and third place. Seat cushions are nice, practical items for first-place winners but be sure to have something for everyone who participates.

When you go out of your way to promote your team, people notice and remember. That’s exactly what a promo is for!

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Simple Crowd Cheers You Can Lead

Posted by Stumps Spirit on October 25, 2012

Nothing gets the crowd at a game more pumped up and excited about the action than cheers, especially cheers that everyone knows, that can be performed almost instantly during any part of the game, and that are simple enough to get the most amount of people in the crowd involved. Here are five chants that are classics and have been used across the nation at many different events.

Here We Go (Team Name) Here We Go!

This is a cheer that can be used for any sport. It lets the team know that you believe in them and know they can win. The cheer can be performed regardless of whether the team is winning or losing. If they’re winning, it lets them know that they can finish the game with a win. If they’re losing, it will give them the confidence and inspiration to come back and win, because they know that their fans have their backs. A good idea is to hold up signs that you personalize yourself to give the players even more inspiration. Here is a video to teach you how to perform this cheer, since the rhythm is more complex than other cheers.


Another cheer that can be used for any sport, it makes the team stand strong when playing defense so that they can come back quickly to offense. Make sure you’re heard by the team by yelling the cheer into a megaphone. Megaphones also let more of the crowd know which cheer is being performed so that more of the crowd can join in with the cheer, causing a stronger fan unity and allowing the players to hear their loyal fans and gain confidence through them. The rhythm for this cheer is four even beats, where the first two are used to say “Defense!” and the next two are where you clap or stomp. For clarity, here is a video that shows fans using the cheer at a Bulls game.


This cheer is almost exclusively used at basketball games. For those who don’t know what an “airball” is, it is when a player shoots the ball and the ball doesn’t hit any part of the basket, whether it be the hoop, rim, or backboard. When this happens, the crowd, if rowdy enough, will almost immediately start chanting “Airball! Airball! Airball!…” to get inside the mind of the player that missed the shot (only if the player that missed the ball is on the opposing team). While chanting, the crowd makes a hacking motion with one arm. The rhythm is simply two even beats to say the word “airball.” Need some help getting the crowd to hear you starting the chant? Use a cheerphone for that. Also, while hacking, wear a spirit mitt to let the other team know that your team is better than theirs. To get an idea of how fans have used this chant in the past, here’s a video of IU students chanting “Airball.”

Ohhh… Brick!

Black Hand Clappers

This cheer is another basketball cheer, although it could be used for volleyball, as well. The cheer is used when a player is at the foul line shooting a foul shot. Usually a player will take a few seconds after receiving the ball from the referee to focus on the shot that he or she’s about to make. During this time, starting yelling “Ohhhhhh!” continuously until the player takes the shot. On the release, yell “Brick!” to try to mess up that player’s shot (only used when the opposing team is shooting). Make some noise while yelling with cow bells and hand clappers. To use this chant in volleyball, start yelling when the referee blows the whistle for the server to begin serving. Yell before the player hits the ball. When the player hits the ball, yell “Brick!” or “Serve!” to mess up the player’s serve.

Hack! Hack! Hack!

Bam Bams

The “Hack” cheer is mainly used at volleyball matches. The cheer is very similar to the previously mentioned “Airball” cheer used for basketball. When a player “hacks” a ball, this means that he or she goes to swing at a ball that was set to them, and he or she completely misses the ball or whiffs it. When this happens, the crowd yells “hack!” multiple times (as many times as the crowd decides). Like the “Airball” cheer, the crowd makes a hacking motion with one arm every time “hack” is yelled. This cheer lets the opposing team know that the error made by the player did not go unnoticed! Instead of making a hacking motion, some members of the crowd can bang bam bams together. Have the mascot join in to make the cheer much rowdier!

These cheers are designed to get the crowd involved in the action of the game. They are simple enough to learn almost instantly and are powerful enough to mess with the opposing team’s morale and, at the same time, boost your own team’s morale. Cheer on!

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Cheerleaders- Jump Start Your Crowd with Giveaways

Posted by Stumps Spirit on August 17, 2011

If your cheer squad is looking for a way to get the crowd more involved at your games, giveaways are a great way to pump fans up. Cheerleading giveaways such as team balls, sports beads, temporary tattoos, poms, noisemakers, and sports gear give your fans a way to show their support and cheer along at the next big game.

Stumps Spirit sells a wide range of spirit gear that make awesome giveaways. Plus, there are tons of creative ways you can hand out fan items at the game or pep rally to get your crowd really cheering.

Giveaways At the Gates
For your next game, hand out spirit items at the gates when fans arrive. Present the first 100 fans (or any number you choose) with a small favor such as a funtoo of your school mascot, a pom-pom, or a string of spirit beads. Fans will love the giveaway and your stands will be extra-bright with your team colors which is a great way to jump start the cheering!

Noisemakers as Tickets
If you have a really big game coming up, get fans excited for cheering before they even reach the stands by selling noisemakers instead of tickets. Custom noisemakers such as clickers, clappers, bam bams or kazoos, imprinted with your team name and mascot make great keepsakes and get fans more involved in cheers. Imagine how loud the crowd would be if everyone had a noisemaker.

Toss Out Giveaways
When your stands start to go quiet, get the fans cheering again with toss outs. At the end of a cheer or between plays, quarters, or innings, toss out mini sports balls imprinted with your mascot and school name. Younger fans especially love this giveaway! Or, toss out beads, poms, or any number of soft spirit items to get the crowd excited again.

Lucky Numbers Giveaway
If your stadium seats have numbers or you sell tickets with numbers, you can really make a few fans’ nights by selecting a handful of random numbers to win a larger giveaway such as a custom seat cushion, a foam finger, or other school spirit gear customized with your school mascot. If you play the lucky numbers, remember to tell fans to keep their ticket stubs!

As an alternative, you can use this game as a fundraiser by turning it into a low-cost raffle. Sell tickets at the concession stand for $1.00 or $.50 and draw the lucky numbers to decide the winners. If the raffle is advertised as for a good cause such as a local charity or your Homecoming dance, fans will be even more likely to want to take part.

Stumps Spirit sells a huge assortment of spirit gear and favors that are great for your cheerleaders to use as giveaways. Check out our other school spirit ideas and school spirit supplies.

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