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Varsity Appreciation Night Ideas

Posted by Stumps Spirit on September 5, 2012

The varsity players have been carrying the team all season, and it’s time to show them how appreciated they are! Varsity Appreciation Night is a time to recognize all varsity players on a team, whether they play almost every minute of every game or are more of a “sixth man” type of player. There are lots of fun ways to recognize your varsity players on Varsity Appreciation Night.

Set the Date

This special night should be set well in advance and clearly not on the night of a sporting event. How else would the team attend?  Take into consideration the other sports that multi-sport athletes might play. Don’t schedule the football Varsity Appreciation Night on the night of a wrestling match. Some of your varsity football players might also wrestle.

Pick a Location and Decorate

It’s probably easiest to hold the appreciation night in the school cafeteria. It would be easy for everyone to attend if it’s at school, and decorating is easy. Chances are, the cafeteria is already plastered with your school colors. Be sure and decorate tables and walls with even more spirit-themed decorations. Varsity players will feel especially appreciated if they are greeted with a personalized sports banner. You know they love seeing their names in print!

Decide on Entertainment

Entertainment could be something as simple as a carry-in dinner. Assign different parts of the meal for different grades. For example, maybe the freshmen bring the salads, sophomores are in charge of the side dishes, juniors bring desserts, and seniors simply bring themselves!

Consider contacting the yearbook staff or school television station for pictures and videos of your varsity players. This could either be played while everyone eats or it could be a special event after dinner.

Thank them with a Gift

Don’t let your varsity players go home empty-handed on Varsity Appreciation Night. There are all sorts of school-spirit favors they can take home to remember the night for years to come. Some ideas include personalized magnets, team balls, or even personalized seat cushions so that when they come back to support the team after they’ve graduated, they’ll have someplace comfortable to sit.

Thanking varsity players with a gift can also be done if your appreciation night is the night of a game. Give the varsity players their gifts before the game or at halftime in front of a packed house.

Whatever you do, make sure your varsity players feel appreciated. Let them know that no matter how the season ended, your school and community are proud of all the hard work they put into the season.


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