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Spirit Ideas for Your Rugby Team

Posted by Stumps Spirit on November 6, 2012

Are you in a bit of a scrum over how best to support your rugby team or club? Here are a few spirit ideas for encouraging players to try, try again!

Sign It
Promote spirit by advertising the team with banners, signs and team supplies.

Sports banners help advertise the team and special games, and our rugby designs are distinctive. Use horizontal banners for wide spaces and railings, and our newer, “square” banners to hang from narrower spaces such as doors. These banners are durable and, if you’re careful about putting dates on them, can be used many times even if hung outdoors.

Yard signs can be placed anywhere you can stick stakes in the ground. Not only can they help promote games, they also hold terrific appeal for fans, who can stake out their yards with them. Consider creating a fan yard sign as a fundraising item; to increase their value to fans, ask players to sign them.

Banner and sign rugby designs, such as the one shown at top right, are highly customizable in two colors plus font style, size and color, and you can add a photo or logo, such as your mascot logo, to them. What you come up with will surely be unique.

Show It
You can show your pride in your team by decorating yourself — and your possessions. Sports travel mug favors, for example, make a statement wherever you pick up your refills. Along with car flags and license plate holders, they are terrific additions to sports booster sale inventories as well as coveted giveaway items at rallies.

Picture It
What better way to support good morale than with good press? Many newspapers have had to cut back on staff and are not in a position these days to cover all local games, rounds and matches, but will happily accept sports news and photos from folks attending them. If you’ve noticed a particular lack of attention by your favorite daily or weekly publication, check with the sports editor to find out what’s acceptable, and get snapping!

Send action photos to the publication, but get team photos too. They’ll be handy for a myriad of promo items and end-of-season keepsakes such as custom photo buttons, banners and programs.

The whole point of rugby is that it is, first and foremost, a state of mind, a spirit. ~Jean-Pierre Rives, French rugby union player.

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