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Ideas for a Fun Pep Rally

Posted by Stumps Spirit on September 19, 2007

Pep Rally IdeasA great pep assembly not only gets students out of their classes – it gets them fired up for the big game! Here are just a few ways to guarantee that your pep rally will be a huge success.

Role Reversal. A few weeks before the rally, pick five (fun!) guys from each class and teach them an easy dance routine. “Girls” by the Beastie Boys and “What a Girl Wants” by Christina Aguilera are two great picks for this dance! Encourage the guys to dress up – and watch the crowd will go wild!

King and Queen. Give the teachers a chance to be crowned! Let all the students vote for their favorite male and female teachers (you could use this as a fundraiser as well!), tally the votes, and crown the winners at the pep rally. Provide funny crowns and scepters for lots of laughs!

Make ’em Up. Call out the senior football players and the senior women basketball players (make sure the number is even). The football players should sit on chairs while the women are blindfolded. The object of the game is for the women to put makeup on the men, without looking! One cheerleader can help one couple. The crowd then votes on the winner! (The brighter the makeup the better!)

Give it Away. Crowds love free stuff! Candy, pennants, glow necklaces, and other fun items make great prizes and giveaways. Try this: divide the crowd into sections, listen to which section has the loudest lungs, and hand out buckets of small sweets to the section with the most spirit! Another idea: have everyone drop their name in a bucket on the way in. During the pep rally, pick out three names for great prizes – like game tickets, school shirts, or megaphones.

Audience Art. Select teams of four people from the audience. Give each team a box of materials (crepe streamer, balloons, permanent markers, stickers, cardboard, etc.) and five minutes to create the best spirit display. The crowd response selects the winning team, whose members get a small reward like an imprinted stadium cup.

Wrap Your Rival. Choose teams of three people from the audience. One member of each team represents the rival school. The other two team members are given rolls of crepe streamer in your school colors. Hold a contest to see which team completely wraps the “rival school” team member from head to toe the fastest. Be sure to reward the winning team with a bouquet of imprinted spirit balloons!

Scavenger Hunt. If your pep rally is held on the football field, here’s a fun, alternate use for balloon weights. Scatter two packages of balloon weights over the football field. Select five people from the crowd, and make it a race to see who can gather up the most balloon weights in an allotted time. If you have more than one prize to give away, mark one of the balloon weights with permanent marker. The holder of that balloon weight gets an additional prize!

Glow for It. Get the fans in on the glow action with glow necklaces!

Spell It Out. Giant letter balloons are a great way to get our message across. Have even more fun by filling them with confetti. (Our confetti jet does the trick!) As players run by the balloons when their names are announced, each player pops their balloon to release the fun surprise!

Pennies for Prizes. Use our glass boot mug for a penny-pitch. Select students from the crowd, and give each participant five pennies to throw. The winner with the most pennies in the glass receives a school bandanna.

Kiss and Tell. Have each player sit in a chair and tell them that they will be blindfolded, and an anonymous cheerleader will kiss them on the cheek. (Their mission is to guess which cheerleader kissed them.) After they are blindfolded, quietly bring out each of their mothers and have them give their sons a peck. The crowd will love it, even if the players don’t.

Rally the Crowd. A good pep rally prepares the fans for the big game. This is the perfect time to teach new crowd cheers, make game announcements, and explain your game plan.

Pie a la Coach. Every crowd loves a pie in the face (of someone else)! One way to do it: give a coach or teacher a bunch of balloons. Each one will have a note inside – telling him to do something goofy (sing a song, do jumping jacks, etc). As he pops the balloons, he has to do whatever they say. Make sure that the last one is a huge whipped cream pie – thrown right in his face!

Check out tons of spirit items to get the crowed excited!

51 Responses to “Ideas for a Fun Pep Rally”

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  2. Iris said

    Give a way “spirit sticks” (decorated, empty toliet paper rolls filled with candy).

  3. vanessa Buttars said

    you guys should have homecomeing skits that would totally awesome

  4. ZACHARY said

    ily guys<3 cheering has been a fun experience for me.. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ ppl alwayz laugh at meh tho since i’m a boii 😦 😦 😦

    • Marissa said

      I think a guy who cheers shows how much spirit he has for his school! (Plus they get to hang out with girls all the time and throw them up in stunts and not get in trouble) πŸ˜‰

      • Skyler said

        guy cheeer leaders have alot of courage, i give you props kid. wish guys would do that here at my school

    • KaTi said

      welllll i can see that

    • bradley said

      i respect guy cheerleaders a lot more than football player. footbball players are spineless followers. Boy cheerleaders are courageous, strong, leaders, and more. ILY!!!

  5. jimbob said


  6. Anna said

    Marshmallow Challenge can be fun too! You just need a package of jumbo marshmallows, a megaphone, and a few willing participants. Give each participant the same number of marshmallows and see who can shout “Go (your mascot)”. You might need to have an umbrella for the marshmallow shower that will follow after about 5-10 marshmallows.

  7. mrogers said

    i have a problem with the other tenth graders. we’re not peppy for the pep rally. we need ideas.

    • karlie said

      our 10th graders dnt do much either but whatever the pep rally is we dress crazy and yell as loud as possible. make the ppl that dnt wanna do anything sit in the back. it also helps to yell with the cheerleaders

  8. lexi said

    yeah any great skit ideas? im trying to put a rally 2gether….i want it to be good!!!!!! :]] haha i have lots of activities….just NO FLIPPING SKITS!!!!!!!

    • Jeremy DelRosario said

      I just did a skit for a back to school rally that was hilarious. The basic idea was to make fun of twilight and jersey shore. I had a battle between the vampires and werewolves over the possesion of bella and the vampires lost, that scene was ended by edward saying he will be back with reinforcements.
      Part two began with the werewolves asking were the vampires were. Then Edward came out with the jersey shore cast and Jwoww tells the werewolves off and then bella goes to kiss edward and he runs away in fear of eating her and then the situation put his arm around her and was like “so i hear youre single?:)”

  9. Kayrie(: said

    ohmy GOSH you Guyyss im a cheerleader right now & i ove it(((:

  10. isabel said


  11. any ideas for a pajama themed party or a safari theme pep rally? if so please email me at

  12. Katie said

    One thing that we do for our pep rally is to have 2 teams, usually 4 football players against 4 cheerleaders. They are given a big bowl of unwraped smarties and they have to spell out a phrase, for example beat the bears(who ever the rival team is)…the catch is once all the smarties are on the floor they can only use their noses to spell out the phrase. The first team done wins.

  13. Kelsey said

    Why do all of these activities just involve cheerleaders and football players???

  14. Callan said

    i have a big school and we r trying 2 think of cool games that involves a big group but is not to hard to control. any ideas???

  15. Amanda said

    Minute to Win It challenges are fun for the classes to do…check them out on the NBC website.

  16. courtney said

    so i’m from Canada… and we don have cheerleaders…. any ideas that dont involve them??

  17. Chelsea said

    Alright well i know people don’t like that most the ideas are involving cheerleaders and football players but the cheerleaders are the main people of pep rallies. They’re peppy, duh?

  18. KaTi said

    Anyone have any ideas for a pink boxing themed pep rally?? decorations? Skits? Dances? ANYTHING??? Such a hard topic!!!

  19. Hannah said

    Try the frozen t-shirt challenge:

    Here is how super fun! (AND SO FUNNY!)

    Take 3 boys or 3 girls and give them β€œIce Cold” t-shirts(t-shirts that have been put in ice cold water or frozen), whoever can pull theirs out and put it on AND LEAVE IT ON for 20 seconds… WINS! Make sure it is someone that doesn’t mind getting embarrassed or cold!

  20. i need ideas for games at my school pep rally..i have until next friday…something like freshman vs teachers or something to that effect…any ideas????

    • How about “Are You Smarter than a 9th Grader?” Only, use questions about Facebook, Texting, Fashion, etc… You could also do something like “Minute to Win It”…it’s fun and can be put together using household items so the cost would be practically nothing!

  21. sarah said

    what sort of games are good for middle school teams using as little prep as possible? the pep rally is next week and the high school teams all have skits but we want to recgonize them too. ideas please πŸ™‚

  22. Alis said

    Throwing glow sticks at people in the dark would be way more fun!!!:)

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  32. deena said

    After everyone was seated in the gym waiting for the pep rally to begin, we suprised them by turning off all the lights. While everyone was in confusion about what happened to the lights, we blasted some music and had all of our cheerleaders run out (we had been hiding in a hallway) with glow sticks on their arms, ankles, head.. etc. As soon as we ran out everyone went crazy. We did a quick dance and everyone loved it. And our school is usually all the spirited. REMEMBER TO KEEP IT A SECRET! if everyone knows it’s going to happen, its not fun!

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  34. said

    β€œIdeas for a Fun Pep Rally « Stumps Spirit Ideas” truly got me personally simply hooked on your web
    page! I reallydefinitely will wind up being back again significantly more often.
    Many thanks -Boyce

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