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Raise Spirit and Funds with Funtoos Temporary Tattoos!

Posted by Stumps Spirit on October 19, 2007

Funtoos FundraiserYour school will get stuck on this fundraiser! Funtoos (temporary tattoos) make great fundraising items and Stumps Spirit had a HUGE selection of Funtoos to choose from to get the money rolling in. Sell Funtoos at your school store, pep rallies, school registration, cafeteria or concession stand. You can sell them in sets or per Funtoo. Fans will love wearing them to games or competitions to show their spirit.

Funtoos go on easy with water and come off easily with rubbing alcohol or cellophane tape.

You can order customized Funtoo sets to support your team. Create a set with one Funtoo for each game of the season and sell them through your athletic boosters. Or, create custom Funtoos and sell them individually at the concession stand. Your fans will love the personalized temporary tattoo and the fun accessory it makes to their game gear.

Glow-in-the-dark Funtoos are awesome for night games. Intimidate the opponent by filling the stands with fans adorned with the glowing temporary tattoos. You’ll look better than the stadium lights and because fans will love them so much, you’ll make tons of money for your school.

Team face Funtoos are also great for sports fans. They look like you’ve painted your face in team colors, but they don’t have all the mess of face paint. Team face Funtoos are available in team colors as well as a variety of mascot faces.

Body Beadz and rhinestone Funtoos will be a hit especially with female students and fans. They have a great, glittering look and are just as easy to apply. They’re available in tons of patterns and slogans too!

Finally, keep the fine details in mind with Nosetoos and Nailtoos. They’re perfect for adding the finishing touches to fingernails and faces. We also carry Funtoos for adding a necklace or armband to a die-hard fans ensemble.

Check out our other fundraising tips for more great ideas to generate cash for your teams and clubs!


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See Stars with a Hollywood Theme Dance

Posted by Stumps Spirit on October 14, 2007

An Evening of Stars KitLights, camera, action! Capture Hollywood glamour for your Homecoming dance with our dazzling array of decorations. Start your dance planning by visiting our Hollywood Dance section and get ready for a red-carpet night!

Create a box-office atmosphere with Hollywood Homecoming kits. They come loaded with everything you need to create your star-studded event!
• Blockbuster Premiere
• Hollywood Stars
• Hollywood Glamour
• Box Office Bliss
• Red Carpet Affair
• Hooray for Hollywood

Your Hollywood dance will shine with our exciting dance tips below!


For your Hollywood dance, send out our film roll invitations to generate excitement about the upcoming event. Sprinkle some Hollywood confetti in every invitation to add a sparkling touch.


The first and last stop you’ll need to make for all your Hollywood decorating needs is Stumps! Choose from hundreds of large and small decorations, big impact centerpieces at little prices, and a dazzling array of shimmering stars.
• Before you select your decorations, choose a color theme to work with. Generally, working with two colors works best. For an authentic Hollywood theme, choose either black & gold, or black & silver as your theme colors. You can mix in some red as well!
• Start your decorating outside the front door of your Homecoming location. Roll out the red carpet for your guests by using red seamless paper or red poly vinyl from the curb to the entry doors.
• If you are in the mood to splurge, arrange to have a white limousine parked in front! It will make a fantastic backdrop for photographs!
• Lavishly use the standard razzle-dazzle Hollywood décor: movie clapboards, film reels, movie cameras, film cans, top hats and canes, feather boas, director’s chairs, palm trees, and spotlights.
• Sprinkle stars in all sizes over everything: entryways, tables, ceilings, walls, and tucked inside invitations. Use star confetti, star garland, die-cut stars, star mylar balloons, and Hollywood patterned metallic gossamer (a lightweight fabric that is wonderful for swags and accents).
• Use life-sized cutouts of Hollywood legends (such as Marilyn Monroe and Humphrey Bogart) to make students feel they are truly in Tinsel Town.
• Hang black & white 8″ X 10″ glossy photographs of Hollywood legends around the event room.
• Add twinkle lights to balloon arches, strands, columns or clouds, to gossamer swags and ceiling tents, table edges, or around the perimeter of a room.


• For tables, use our super-shine table covers and skirting in silver or gold. This will add to the Tinseltown tone of the evening.
• Our metallic silver or gold paper goods will fit the Hollywood theme well.
• For an original touch, use a paint pen in a color to complement your theme colors to draw random dots or squiggles on the handles of plastic cutlery. Tie the plastic flatware together with floral, satin or metallic ribbon…big impact at a little price!
• Order napkins imprinted with your special theme slogan, and wording to recognize your Homecoming. Choose from a wide range of napkin and ink colors. Select a metallic foil, holographic foil, prismatic foil, or traditional ink imprint.


• Serve dry snacks and appetizers in top hats turned upside-down.
• Serve popcorn smothered in hot butter, nachos loaded with melted cheese, movie theater candy, and fountain soda! Theatre food is always a hit!


Rather than waiting until your guests are making their exit to give them a favor, some favors can be given during the dance, which will add color and glitz! The following favors will appeal to all your stargazing guests:
• Check out our huge selection of imprinted glassware. This will add an elegant touch to your tables. The glassware can also hold a gathered cloth or paper napkin to create a tall dramatic look at each place setting. For a fun Hollywood touch, add our charming black, white, gold or silver tux ties to the stem of your glassware.
• Give guests frames imprinted with special party details! Try a clapboard frame, film roll frame or our magnetic stars frame. Use either a Polaroid camera to send a picture home with each student, or have the photos at school at a later date.
• Use clapboard or film roll key tags as napkin holders, then give them to students as favors at the end of the evening.

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